Wholesalers: Who Pays Your Buyer’s Agent?

Here's a great real estate investing question I got today that's worth sharing in case it helps anyone else in a similar quandary... jp, I'm wholesaling a couple of properties and a real estate agent brought me an investor/buyer for the properties. The Agent says he...

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FREE 1 Year Job Elimination Plan

I wanted to share a special report with you that's well worth reading if you haven't yet already.  It's a real estate investor's "1 Year Job Elimination Plan" written by my good friend Steve Cook. It's kind of a "white paper" special report that lays out a workable...

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Short Sale Shenanigans: How NOT to Handle a BPO

Any short sale investor worth his salt knows the most important part of the short sale process is controlling the BPO. Or more specifically, getting the BPO to come in low enough to justify your ridiculously low offer. Here's a couple of guys who could really use some...

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The Secret of Receiving More by Giving More

I just stumbled upon this today and found it really resonated with me.  Thanks to Diane Rubenstein for passing it along.  Well worth sharing... "The people who receive the most are the ones who give the most. This is true of individuals, but also for businesses. If...

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