Editor’s Note: This is a follow-up to the recently posted article How to Cash In On Bulk REO Packages – a guest post by Kenny Rushing.  And based on the lively comments in response, this is clearly a topic of great interest to many.  So let’s continue the discussion, shall we?…

I mentioned recently I’d be interviewing Bulk REO guy Kenny Rushing to better understand how he pulls down his profitable REO package deals right now, how he deals with the “joker brokers” notorious in the business, where the real opportunity lies today, and how an average Joe/Jane might get started in the same.

I’m happy to say it was a great interview.  Fueled by the a stellar questions you guys asked, we chatted for basically an entire hour together.  It was totally unrehearsed and unscripted – just me, grilling Kenny about his story, and (mostly) about how exactly his business works right now.

Listen to / Download the Whole Interview Here…

I’ve broken down our 1-hour chat into four chunks to make it easier for you.  Just click the “play” buttons below…

Bulk REOs in 2010, Part 1 (15:19)


Bulk REOs in 2010, Part 2 (14:54)


Bulk REOs in 2010, Part 3 (17:27)


Bulk REOs in 2010, Part 4 (14:59)


Kenny the Phoenix…

The fact is, Kenny was once one of the biggest wholesalers in the country. But when the housing market crashed, his entire business and life came crashing down and almost went completely underwater.  But this is a guy who knows how to use those bootstraps. And in no time flat, he turned his “disaster” around and rose from the ashes right back to the top — this time in the Bulk REO arena.

Now he’s actually making more money than ever before, his business profits are shooting through the roof and he’s spending more quality time with his family.  Thought provoking and inspirational to say the least. And yes, you’ll learn a number handy tips on the wrong/right ways to do Bulk REO deals today too. 🙂

If this topic interests you, then here’s a webcast on buying and flipping REOs that you might also find interesting…

Bulk REO

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