So in my recent interview with Bulk REO guy Kenny Rushing, he mentioned he typically uses a special document called a “Master Fee Agreement” to protect his interest when brokering a bulk REO deal – one where he acts as a middleman between the seller of a Bulk REO tape and a buyer.

Well regardless of the fact that I freely give away my package of 53 REI forms, I’ve never had a Master Fee Agreement in my Pile-O-REI-Forms up to now.  Not surprising since I’ve never done a bulk REO deal, but still, I figured I’d do a little looking around to see if I can find one somewhere and see what it’s all about.

Score! 😉

I actually zeroed in on two of them.  And what’s better, they’re in the “public domain”, which basically means I can freely pass them on to you guys directly.  (I got mad internet skillz, I tell ya.  😉

So I say why not go ahead and download these bad boys and add them to your arsenal of REI forms?  You never know when one of them might just come in handy sometime…

…for that random Bulk REO deal you end up brokering…

…for that random $400,000 cut in hip national bank.  😉

And if Bulk REO is a sexy topic for you, here’s an interesting webcast on Bulk REOs you might want to check out…

Take care!

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