If you use Bandit Signs in your real estate investing at all, then today’s tip will be a tasty treat…

At one point or another we’ve all had those lovely, goldenrod, coroplast investments of ours removed or cut in half by the “sign police”, right?  (FYI “sign police = code enforcement)  And occasionally you might even find yourself bitten by a nasty fine or two.

My buddy Tony “Freakin” Severino can relate.  He’s got 15 “sign police” tickets sitting in his desk drawer right now.  Which is precisely what’s motivated him to discover a beautiful, new way to be just a little harder to find.

Tony dropped this handy tip my way in an email the other day, and I immediately asked him to share it with you guys. So we hopped on our webcams to chat about it.

Bottom line: If NOT paying hefty bandit sign fees interests you, then so will this video.  This is a very cool and ridiculously low priced service a number of us will be exceedingly glad to have discovered…

Thoughts?  Please leave a comment below and tell Tony what you think!

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