REI Truism #37: Now more than ever, your competition is trying feverishly to cut you out, any way they can…

The simple fact of the matter is, there are a lot of other people out there doing what you do. And while I’m as abundance-minded as the next guy, it still stinks like poopy diapers to watch that crazy awesome deal you (almost) landed, slide sadly out of reach and into the clutches of the next Schlub.  Am I right or am I right?

This is the first in a 3 part series of “Competition Killer” blog posts that’ll help you with this very problem.  Prepare to learn in no uncertain terms how to blow your competition out of the water.  SPLOOSH! 🙂

Each of these posts will be a personal video from my awesome friend, colleague and near-brother Shaun McCloskey — a kick-butt short sale guy who’s crushing it right now, closing multiple deals in multiple markets all over the U.S. (at an average per-deal profit of $28,500).

After glimpsing inside his real estate business, one of the top questions Shaun gets asked all the time is, “How is it that your deals seem to go so smoothly, with so few surprises from the homeowner?” or, “How come none of your deals get stolen out from underneath you by other investors?”

Said another way, “How the heck are you keeping your competition at bay?”

And this short series of blog posts represent Shaun’s nothing-held-back answers to that very question — time-tested, proven tricks he’s used for years to set himself apart as the Big Fish in whatever pond he’s in.  Most people aren’t aware or simply ignore them.  Except you, from now on…

But Make No Mistake…

Though Shaun’s specialty is short sales, the sneaky little tricks you’re about to learn can and should be applied to absolutely any real estate investing business, regardless of your niche or focus.  Whether short sales, REOs, Commerical, Landlord, Land, Tax Liens, etc. etc…basically if you deal with people, then this is for you.

So enjoy part 1 below…stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 soon…and please share your thoughts in the comments below afterward…

PS – I love this whole video, but for me, my favorite is the “Listening and Leading” part at the end — where you slyly help them convince themselves to do the deal with you.  Sneaky! 😉

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