So I recently ran across some footage from our last KISS Flipping Intensive event in Vegas.  I get requests for this kind of stuff all the time, so I thought I’d post some of it for you.

Now just to be clear, this is from a handful of clips I grabbed on my Kodak Zi8 while sitting right there in the room.  I have more clips like this, and if you’d like me to post them, I can.  Just let me know with a comment below.

This particular clip is Bob walking us through…

  • Analyzing live deals via the MLS
  • How “the pendings” are the key to your “wholetale” market.
  • What are wholetale deal characteristics?
  • The importance of the “velocity” of your deal capital…and more…

These events are really pretty darn awesome, and I think this should give you a solid glimpse of that — in-depth, intimate, and always tailored to the crowd that’s there with us. Enjoy…

Bob Norton’s KISS Flipping Intensive: Behind Closed Doors, Part 1..
“Wholetale” Deals and the Velocity of Money

So what do you think?

Want to see more tasty clips I have from this event?

Let me know with a comment below


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