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I re-stumbled upon a short video yesterday that I’d forgotten about. When it emerged online last year I remember laughing until my sides hurt, and this time was no different. Apparently the video was shot on a lark in Will Ferrell’s guesthouse during a break in the third birthday party for his son Magnus….

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Facing Foreclosure? Let Shaq Help!

The Transparent Real Estate blog first alerted me last week to the fact that Shaq “The Diesel” O’Neal is getting into the preforeclosure investing biz. That’s right. Henceforth we the fellowship of real estate entrepreneurs shall call The Shaq our…

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The Word on the Street Lately…

This is another handful of interesting articles and tidbits I’ve stumbled upon in the last week or so. I found them fascinating, informative or down right entertaining and thought you might also. Enjoy…

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30 Seconds That Could Change Your Life (Video)

I stumbled upon a 30 second video today that stopped me dead in my tracks. It was sheer power. In fact, I would submit that this may very well be one of the most powerful, most important videos You Tube today. At least that’s my opinion — that’s how strongly I feel about it….

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“Ready, Fire, Aim” and Lessons from the US Open

Did you have a chance to watch the golf’s second Major of the year, the U.S. Open? Well (as of the time I’m writing this article) they just finished up the sudden death playoff after playing an 18 hole playoff and the result was that Tiger Woods won his 14 Major Golf Tournament of his career over the 158th ranked player in the world Rocco Mediate…..

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