Colleen in JerseyI just knocked out a quick, spur of the moment phone interview with an investor friend of mine named Colleen.

Things you might find interesting about this:

  • She’s a Jersey cop who commonly handles evictions.  In fact I interviewed her on her cell phone while on her way to do a set out.
  • This was Colleen’s first deal ever, involved a short sale, and was very personal to her.
  • It also involved a fraudulent BPO
  • She started the transaction at the same time she was taking Shaun McCloskey’s Short Sale Intensive.
  • She didn’t make a dime on it, but still considers it a huge success.

Why?  Listen to my 15 minute interview with Colleen and find out…


Any comments about Colleen’s interview? Please leave them below.  I love hearing from you.

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