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hands houseIt’s no secret that we’re in the midst of a nationwide real estate foreclosure tsunami.

The question is, are you just reeling because of it?  Or are you equipped to respond aptly, and carve yourself off a nice hunk of opportunity, with a side of profit?

Everything’s on sale.

If you’re a preforeclosure investor who focuses on short sales at all (or think you might sometime soon) then you may want to pay attention to a unique, new service that launched recently (May ’08).

It’s called ShortSaleology, and after being exposed to it, I suspect it may very well change the way things like education, coaching and community are done in our industry.

A snapshot of ShortSaleology…

short sale negotiating serviceThe brainchild of Oklahoma City investor Cory Boatright, ShortSaleology is a private membership crafted exclusively for short sale investors, and designed to provide a myriad of swank, members-only goodies, such as…

  • Access to their in-house lender negotiation team (see video below)
  • Private short sale deal funding
  • Automatic preforeclosure marketing
  • A robust lender database, with private contacts
  • A “round table” network
  • 50% discount on Pre-NOD leads (Pre-Notice of Default)
  • Monthly teleconference calls with live Q&A
  • Specialists interviews and hot topic discussions
  • Ongoing, private education through audio/video downloads
  • Access to Cory’s compilation of private resources
  • Deal Review/spotlight
  • Exclusive discounts (existing products and new products)
  • And more

“A community of short sale investors, serving as one.”

I recently had a private chat with Cory, probing him with some candid questions to help understand ShortSaleology a little better. It’s informal, short (18m:01s to be exact) and gets right to the heart of the matter, including…

  • What is Shortsaleology really about?
  • Who is it made for (and who is it NOT right for)?
  • What are the biggest benefits of membership?
  • What does membership cost?
  • And more…

If your real estate investing business includes short sales as an acquisition strategy to any extent, then I seriously recommend investing the next 18 minutes in eavesdropping on our short conversation.

press play to listen now

After you’re done with that, you may want to review a short video Cory put together last week, describing the short sale negotiating service

You can find out more about Shortsaleology here.  Also checkout Cory’s Short Sale Fundamentals or subscribe to his blog.

If you have any comments about this, please post them below.  Or if you have any questions for Cory, you can post them here too — and I’ll betcha I can get him to come answer them! 😉

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