Two Killer, Creative Ideas for Real Estate Postcard Marketing

So one way to get real estate deals is to go out and hit the streets looking for them. It can be a tough, frustrating approach. But there’s no doubt you can get deals if you go looking for them. Many investors (present company included) prefer to attract deals — to use a variety of marketing techniques to get your “we buy houses” message in front of the right set of motivated eyeballs….

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Wanted: Your Real Estate Blog

I just had a really cool idea, so I stopped in the middle of lunch to post about it. Check this out… Are you a real estate investor or professional who also owns/runs an active blog of your own somewhere in the world wide interweb? If so, then I’d like to showcase it here at REI Tips…..

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Freddie Mac Tweaks Rules, Pokes Investors In Eye

In case you missed it, a couple weeks back Freddie Mac announced guideline changes that will dramatically affect many residential real estate investors. As of August 1st, 2008 the following changes will officially go into effect: A borrower may not have more than four financed 1-4 unit…

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A Cream Pie in the Face

Admittedly this has absolutely nothing to do with real estate investing. I tried in vain to come up with some kind of cool REI-esque lesson to tie in. Nada. But in the end, what more do you really need to say?…

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An Open Letter to My Friends From FlippingHomes.com

A couple of weeks ago, Steve Cook and I selected Tuesday 5/20 as the day to officially announce that I’ll be “spreading my wings” and moving on from my active management role at FlippingHomes.com. So here we are. Wow, time flies. I’ve certainly learned a lot over the last year and…

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How To Determine a Short Sale Purchase Offer

The word “short sale” has certainly been a buzz word in the distressed real estate market we are experiencing in 2008. However many Realtors and investors are still unclear on how to determine a real estate short sale offer that is acceptable to the lender. The following steps are to…

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Innovative Web Tools for Landlords

Managing a rental property is no task for the faint of heart, and that challenge only multiplies as the list of properties grows. But smart online tools can sure help make the job easier. As a landlord myself, I can testify to the fact that managing rental property is certainly not for the faint of heart, and that challenge only multiplies with each new property you add to your portfolio….

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How to Become a Trusted “Insider” with Foreclosure Agents

So I was perusing You Tube today and ran across a great little video I’d almost forgotten about – a clip of Detroit Wholesaler Bob Norton…Now if you don’t know who Bob is, here’s two quick facts you might find interesting about him: 1) He’s built like a Sherman tank (physically) and 2) He’s a MACHINE of a wholesaler. I mean, as in, averaging a staggering 6 figures in quick-flip income monthly (yes, I said monthly)…

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