This is another handful of interesting articles and tidbits I’ve stumbled upon in the last week or so. I found them fascinating, informative or down right entertaining and thought you might also.


Tenant File 6.0 Property Mgmt Software Review (A Video Review)

house in handsMy buddy Trevor at The REI Brain did a a great little review of this property management software

This particular software seems ideally suited for landlords or property managers with 20-100 units, but you can checkout the video walk-through Trevor did and see for yourself.

Although I personally swore off tenants a long time ago, I always love reading Trevor’s product reviews.  I find them honest and informative and I think you will too.

In fact, just go ahead and subscribe to his blog when you stop by.  You won’t be disappointed.

Help! I Have More Than 4 Investment Properties!

question markRemember earlier in the month when Freddie Mac gave investors a nice poke int the eye by lowering the number of investment properties a borrow can have from 10 to only 4?  (We all know chronic copycat Fannie’s almost certain to follow suit.)

Well Chris at Lenderama posted that he has an investor client with more than 4 investment properties but less than 10, and challenged his readers with the question, “What’s this real estate investor to do to stay with his plan of acquiring one property a year?”

I left him a comment, but hardly anyone else has.

So why not stop by Chris’ post and share your thoughts on the topic with him?

Florida’s New Foreclosure Law – Ooops!

loserAn interesting post about a lame foreclosure law recently passed in Florida aimed at protecting homeowners facing foreclosure.  It’s so poorly written, it actually HURTS homeowners by disallowing Florida homeowners from collecting fees to defend a foreclosure action.

A really excellent example of ill-thought, knee-jerk, “me too” lawmaking aimed at “helping” that turns out to have the opposite effect

Short Sale Trouble: How To Avoid It! (Agents!)

Most of us in the investment side of real estate are pretty darn used to the concept of the short sale, and there’s some we have the benefit of having some really exceptional continuing education available to us on the topic.

But now that today’s mortgage climate have made short sales more ‘main stream”, have you ever wondered how real estate agents see them?

I noted this interesting post last week that takes a look at some of the caveats of dealing with short sales, from the fascinating perspective of a listing agent (a real one).

Do I look Fat in This Lawsuit?

lawsuitAn fascinating commentary I stumbled upon about how you can never really be assured you won’t be involved in stupid litigation.

The fact is, anyone can sue anyone over anything.  It doesn’t mean they’re going to win, but it usually means you’re going to waste a lot of money defending yourself.  And interestingly enough, the law is often irrelevant in how a judge views justice.  The ego that goes along with being a judge is rivaled only by pilots, doctors and Section 8 inspectors.

A fascinating read IMHBAO.

Operation Malicious Mortgage Results in 400 Charged


“Operation Malicious Mortgage wrapped up yesterday with 400 charged and 60 people arrested nationwide. The operation by the FBI is a strike against mortgage fraud across the country.”

There’s coverage all over the net about this, but here’s a news clip that sums it up pretty well…

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