A couple of weeks ago, Steve Cook and I selected Tuesday 5/20 as the day to officially announce that I’ll be “spreading my wings” and moving on from my active management role at FlippingHomes.com.

So here we are. Wow, time flies.

I’ve certainly learned a lot over the last year and a half or so with Steve, and have had the good fortune of becoming fast friends and brothers with one of the most respected voices in the real estate investing industry.

Something I’d like to say…

As I move into the next phase and my new work here (a new place to serve my colleagues in this industry) I’d like to express specifically to my friends from the Flipping Homes community what an honor and true privilege it’s been to serve you as the “FH 2.0” guy.

It’s been an incredible experience to get to know so many of you personally, and to be able to offer you my very best, in service and support to what Steve put together as a leader, educator and true mentor.

Thank you, thank you, thank you — to all of you.

What’s next…

From this point forward, I’m obviously hanging up my moderator/manager/FH 2.0 guy hat at the Flipping Homes community, but I’ll definitely continue to be an active member and participant.

I’ll also continue to serve in a capacity here at REItips.com that’s become for me an honest-to-goodness passion — as an advocate for my colleagues in this industry, and a conduit of timely, relevant, useful information. I’ve done my best in this role for the better part of 8 years now, and there’s no way I can stop now. 🙂

So the “tips” style content you’ve experienced from me through FlippingHomes.com will continue here at REItips.com. If you’d like to stay in touch, it would be an honor to continue serving you. I cordially invite you to subscribe to my newsletter here on the site, so we can keep in touch.

Yes, I’ve got a few goodies I’m dangling out there for you. But even more than that, I’d just love to have the opportunity to continue building a relationship with you, and building value into your overall experience as a real estate entrepreneur.

So, that’s it really. Just want to thank my Flipping Homes peeps for stopping by and paying me a visit. And I hope we can keep in touch.

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