Sneaky Vacant House Tricks That Spook Theives

So here’s a handy tip I ran across the other day — it’s from my personal Short Sale Sherpa (and also one of my best friends on the planet) Shaun McCloskey… It’s simple, sneaky stuff to help keep your vacant houses break-in free while you’re trying to rent or sell…

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How to Get MLS Access Without a License

How to Get MLS Access Without a License

So here’s one undeniable fact for anyone in the real estate biz: Access to the Realtor’s MLS = Power. MLS of course stands for “Multiple Listing Service”, as in the big, honkin’ database of real estate information Realtors have access to. And in case you’re wondering,…

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Candid Interview With a Non-Guru Land Flipper

So I’ve been asked if I can provide some insight into Jack Bosch’s Land Profit Generator training material — which is basically an enhanced, more robust version of the Land Profit Formula he originally released about a year ago. The Course – 5 modules that Jack Bosch…

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How Do You Ask for Private Money?

One of the shiniest silver linings of today’s real estate market is how there’s no shortage of incredible deals right now. Especially if you can make strong, cash offers and have the ability to close quickly. A small fortune is calling your name. But with the banks…

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Painfully Honest and Epic Mobile Home Commercial

Oh. My. Gosh. Man, this is one of the best things I’ve seen all week. Gotta share it… Answering the question in your head… Yes, it’s a real local commercial. For a real, local business. And it’s pure, unadulterated genius, don’t you think? Memorable Line of…

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Battle of the REI Blogs? (Please Help!)

There’s a nifty little contest going on RIGHT NOW called “Battle of the REI Blogs” …and I’m in the running! My buddy Patrick invited me to duke it out among the top 11 real estate investing bloggers on the interwebs (what an honor!). And the ultimate victor will be…

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