What the Flip is Going On? (New Market Update, Q&A)

"...139 minutes of awesome." At least that's what one of the emails I got afterward called it. I'm talking about Tuesday night's live training call with Bob Norton, Craig "The Equalizer" Fuhr and "The Haugs" (wrestling name left off by request). What we expected to be...

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567 Top Real Estate Investing Websites

Isn't it crazy how there's seemingly just no end to the amount of info you can find on the interwebs today? I mean, even our own tiny little corner of the real estate investing net, it's like an ever-daunting, ever-expanding ocean of endless information. There's so...

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Top Six Myths of Investing in Bankruptcy Real Estate

By: Caryn McKinney, Co-founder Post Bankruptcy Report When most people hear the word "bankruptcy," the first reactions are intimidation and avoidance.  The fact that it's a legal process involving the Federal government pretty much explains both reactions. From our...

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The Memorandum of Agreement Explained (Free)

Hey, guys! Yep, that's right, it's time for another FREE REI form and video! Yay! This one comes from my buddy and short sale sherpa Shaun - and actually I had to get special permission to use it, as it comes right out of the forms videos included in his full Short...

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STOP H.R. 1728: Anti-Property Owner, Anti-America

The U.S. Senate is considering a bill that would severely limit the way you do business as a creative real estate investor and, more importantly, is an inexcusable infringement of the property rights of all Americans. HR 1728, which you can view in its entirety here,...

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New Case Study: Steve Cook, Nothing Held Back

Hey, guys - I'm writing this from family mini-vacation in Dallas, but I just got word from my V.A. the replay from our Steve Cook case study video conference is rendered, so you can go ahead and watch the full deal below. And seriously, folks. This was truly an...

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