Mike and Christina FerrisSo my Flip VIP buddy Mike Ferris just sent me this awesome list of 25 time-tested, proven ways to find/get great real estate deals (see below).  He prepared for discussion at this month’s meeting for the REIA group he runs in Delaware.

Now Mike and his wife Christina have done hundreds of deals since they got started back in ’99, from wholesaling, buy-fix-sell, buy and hold, to short sales, and new construction. They also manage several hundred rentals.  So I guess you could say they know a thing or three about finding great deals. 🙂

A Quick Note From Mike About This List:

  1. Homepath.com (Fannie Mae)
  2. Auctions (Realtybid.com/ HudsonAndMarshall.com/ WilliamsAuction.com/ REDC.com/ Auction.com/ REDClive.com/ BidSelect.com/ EconoHomes.com)
  3. Bandit Signs
  4. Craigslist advertising
  5. Craigslist estate sales
  6. Facebook
  7. Pay per click through search engines…Bing, Yahoo, Google driving to website
  8. HouseBuyerNetwork.com (and other ‘we buy houses’ sites)
  9. Direct Mail: absentee owner
  10. Direct Mail: open estates (probate)
  11. Direct Mail: driving for dollars
  12. Direct Mail: late payer mortgages
  13. Foreclosure sales (sheriff)
  14. Gas station signs
  15. Pawn shop signs
  16. Grocery store flyers
  17. Inserts with coupon distributors
  18. MLS (by neighborhood, estate sales, fixer uppers/handyman specials, etc)
  19. REO brokers
  20. HUD foreclosures
  21. Newspaper Ads (main and pennysaver)
  22. Phone book
  23. Networking and Referrals (from agents, investors, bird dogs)
  24. Vehicle signs (Magnetic or Vinyl)
  25. Wholesalers

So Tell Me:

  1. Which method(s) have you found work best for you? (for me it’s #’s 9, 10, 11, and 18)
  2. Which method(s) would you love to unwrap and learn more about if you had the chance? (Remember my post with Steve Cavanaugh about RE auctions?  Think along those lines.)
  3. Anything missing from this list? (What would you add to it?)

Would you please leave your thoughts in a quick comment below? And also maybe an “attaboy” to Mike for passing along his neato list. 🙂


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