I gotta get something off my chest.  And let me say from the start, my goal is not to make enemies or ruffle feathers…though I realize it’ll probably happen anyway.  But enough is enough.  And now I feel I need to publicly come out and say what I know most of us are already feeling and thinking.

Please watch my “Open Letter” to all the gurus we’ve ever loved before…I think I’m speaking for all of us.  And then I’d really appreciate hearing your thoughts in the comments below afterward…


So what do you think?  Strike any nerves with you too?  Am I off base at all here?  Please tell me how you feel below…I’d really like to know.  And understand that my goal here is not to stir up negativity, but to spur us all in a more positive direction with all this. So please be bot totally honest and polite…thanks…

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