Saturday, May 27th, 2017

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Video: How I Find Cash Buyers in Minutes for My Wholesale Deals »

Any seasoned wholesaler knows how truly important it is to have a strong list of cash buyers for your real estate deals — that is, folks who you know are actively buying investment properties, and have share their buying criteria with you. But no matter how good you are at building your buyer’s list, every once in a while you’ll still come […]

1 Simple Way to Flip 3-4 Deals a Week (So Simple, It’s Almost Obvious) »

Hey kids! What time is it?? Yup, it’s time for another titillating episode of, “What clever deal-getting thingy did JP learn from Joe McCall this time?” In previous episodes, we learned Joe’s “landlord sneak attack” trick for getting deals, and his 8 steps for wholesaling lease option deals. Check ’em out. Today’s installment so darn simple, so seemingly obvious… that […]

Getting Deals With the Landlord Sneak Attack »

Today I want to share a sneaky little deal-getting trick from my buddy, Joe McCall. And seriously, you’re gonna love this. You remember Joe, right? He’s the guy who filleted open the world of wholesaling lease options for the rest of us. Here’s the post where he first walked through it all… But here’s a fact: Among all […]

Top 10 Fair Housing Mistakes Investors Make (#8 Blows My Mind) »

Check this out…  Did you know that April is National Fair Housing Month? Neither did I really. And side note, who the heck even decides this stuff, anyway? Well a colleague (and friend) of mine Jimmy Moncrief just sent me this nifty infographic he whipped up giving you a visual snapshot of the top 10 […]

Critical 1099 Info for Investors – Ignore at Your Own Risk »

If you’re in business for yourself but not actively sending out 1099s to your non-employee contractors like you should, then you need to read every single word of this blog post. Just do it…you’ll see why, and you’ll likely buy me something frosty next time you see me to say thanks (hypnotic command…boom ; -) […]

How to Make Awesome Sauce (Top 47 MLS Keywords for Investors) »

A while back I posted an article about how investors can get access to the MLS without a license. I was quite surprised, honestly, by how much buzz that post generated at the time. Judging by the extensive and saucy comments, some folks absolutely loved it, while others got their feathers more than a little […]

Do I Have to Accept Section 8? (Hint: Yes and No) »

Ah Section 8. If you’re a landlord, chances are you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. Personally, I love to hate ‘em. But the question is…do you have to rent to Section 8 tenants if you don’t want to? I hear this one a lot, and my answer may surprise you. But first… Why I […]

Rehabbers: Using Your Own Cash? Danger! »

So I just learned something salient I think you should really be aware of if you’re not already.  Especially if you’re considering a cash-out refinance at some point in your future. If that’s you, then danger, Will Robinson, danger! Here, listen to this… [Audio clip: view full post to listen] It’s a short snippet from […]

New Market Rules: Why MAO Can Be a Moving Target »

It’s no secret that today’s real estate market is a good bit different than even a couple of years ago, right?  Sure, the fundamentals are all the same.  And the opportunity for making really great profits is still very much alive – arguably even more so. But still, there are some key, noteworthy shifts we […]

3 Things I Wish I’d Known When I First Started Investing »

This one goes out to…the noobs I love…  (Queue weepy REM music here) And by “noobs” I mean newbies.  I.E. anyone who’s been at this real estate investing thing for a couple years or less. If that’s you, then this post’s for you. 😉 Truth be told, there’s is there’s a heap of things I […]