Okie dokie, I have a question for you…

What if I told you there’s an incredible new real estate investing training program that details how newer and seasoned investors can systematically use proprietary data to make smarter investing decisions that allow you to level-up your REI game and enjoy world-class results in just about any U.S. market.

Wanna know more, right?!

You got it!

This step-by-step process gives you rare view into your target market — right now. MicroMarket A.I. gives real estate investors a look through a lens that most people aren’t capable… or even aware of, thanks to “secret” intel and rare technical analysis (TA), with loads of demos and target market examples.

Hey, Patrick Riddle here, to tell you about this remarkable new micromarket program for new and, yes, even seasoned investors… MicroMarket A.I. by Ken Wade.

Have a look…

MicroMarket A.I. expertly teaches REIs to systematically find deals in micromarkets and profit from this highly rare data and technical analysis in your target markets across the U.S. This one-of-a-kind system shows you a larger vision beyond your current market by leveraging world-class macro and micro intel. You’ll quickly be able to tap into vibrant market cycles and wealth phases in other profitable target markets — to become a Local Market Master.

Here’s what the MicroMarket A.I. training program looks like:

  • A series of solid, informational video and audio training modules 
  • Tons of useful goodies: tools, resources, “amplifier training” and more
  • Easy-to-follow media that explains the whole micromarket process — from best practices and insights, to numerous demos walking through exactly how to use the amazing charts, maps and reports, and so much more

The genius creator of MicroMarket A.I. — Ken Wade — is an REI and number-crunching expert! He generously teaches you his micormarket process, so you can systematically do deals in micormarkets… and make awesome money along the way.

MicroMarket A.I. is perfect for any investor — those who are about to jumpstart their investing and those who are already in the trenches — to level-up their business or try a new brilliant strategy.

MicroMarket A.I. Awesomeness

MicroMarket A.I. does all this and more:

  • Across the Map: How to find micromarkets in nearly every U.S. state.
  • Data: proprietary info so you make good decisions
  • Extras: Tons of useful best practices, extras, pro tips to become a successful micromarket investor
  • Framework: Understanding the genius that’s MircoMarket A.I.
  • Get Out: the smartest exit strategies for specific target markets
  • $ Paid: How to get paid, rinse and repeat
  • Offers: Making smart offers that reflect the market risk
  • Acquire: Smart acquisitions with proper targeting
  • Formula: Not a one-size-fits-all (but don’t worry, we’ll explain!)
  • Price: Learn how to price deals correctly to do more and more
  • Amplify: Boost profits by targeting zip codes & neighborhoods w/ the highest ROI
  • Demos: Walkthroughs of maps, reports, and charts
  • Jokes: Yep, Dad jokes and silliness throughout ??
  • Market: 101 on market seasons and cycles
  • And… loads more valuable information, details and actionable insight…

Okay then…

Now, I want you to think about MicroMarket A.I. as your personally-guided micromarket process tour by REI expert Ken Wade!

At this point, you might want to know even more about the MicroMarket A.I. training program, AmIright?

So, take a gander at this short video that shares even more of the goods. Enjoy.

The MicroMarket A.I. Main Point

With MicroMarket A.I., regular real estate folks can enjoy great paydays as a micromarket investor. It’s all thanks to Ken clearly breaking down the micormarket process from beginning to end with easy-to-understand steps that get results quickly.

In MicroMarket A.I., Ken explains his time-tested, proven methods for finding deals from micormarket opportunities— in a genius, systematic way — so you’ll enjoy nice paydays. And, Ken demonstrates everything in a very thorough yet simple way in the program. 

Ken Wade + MicroMarket A.I.

Patrick Riddle with some nice words: Ken has been deal-making for 30+ years, and teaching students and clients his REI strategies & methods for quite a while too.

I honestly believe he’s one of the most skilled investors and number-crunching experts there is… a repeat deal-maker… and a wonderfully awesome human. Having done thousands of transactions himself and creating an innovative way to invest in real estate with micromarkets intel — this guy is super-smart, generous and thoughtful.

His lengthy track record of deals is all the evidence you need, proving he’s the real thing. Plus, he likes humble pie — meaning, some of it didn’t come easy, and he’s sharing some of his mistakes… so you can avoid them. Thanks, Ken!

When you go through the MicroMarket A.I. training program, you’ll see that Ken LOVES sharing and teaching his micormarket strategy, so people can enjoy similar rewards from successful REI endeavors. BTW… the “people” is you! Yay, you!

So, I cordially invite you to dive into this fantastic and unique new training from a brilliant inventor and investor.

Ken’s training:

  • Shows you how to find deals in micromarkets in simple, straightforward, repeatable steps 
  • Boosts MicroMarket A.I. journey with smart pro tips, helpful tools, amp sessions, resources and more

The Breakdown: You can start this strategy right this very minute in countless micromarkets in the United States. With MicroMarket A.I., you’ll be ready to smash the little-known opportunity of micromarkets with expert direction from Ken, profiting handsomely along the way

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Well… look at this official press release to see if MicroMarket A.I. is right for your REI business. (It surely is!) I really believe you’ll love Ken’s method to micromarkets. 



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