Hey there — I have something AWESOME for you today — my very own review of Tax Yields by Jay Drexel. OK, so what I really mean is Jay and Tax Yields are the awesome, but my review is pretty great, too. ?

JP Moses here… and I just finished an amazing journey working virtually with Jay (and his ‘co-captain’ Phil Kessler) as they created this one-of-a-kind tax-delinquent property real estate training: Tax Yields.

And I’ gonna share with you what Tax Yields is, why it’s so great and some of the awesome things you’ll get from it.

Have a looksie…

Tax Yields is an incredible new training program that expertly teaches real estate investors to plug into a rare asymmetric opportunity with high potential upside… low downside risk… and super-low competition so you can do your first tax yield deal super-fast in numerous markets in the U.S.

Cool, right?

Look, I’m certain you’re going to love Jay’s new super-smart training program about tax-delinquent properties, tax liens & deeds and auctions — I sure do.

See — Tax Yields by Jay Drexel is REI awesomeness that gives newer and seasoned investors a unique look into the highly profitable realm of tax lien certificates, auctions and tax sale property lists.

You’re probably wondering how…


What is Tax Yields anyway?

Tax Yields by Jay DrexelIt’s all about tax-delinquent properties. Tax Yields by Jay Drexel is for newish and seasoned investors who want to become Tax Yield superstar investors to profit quickly and repeatedly.

Sounds great, right?

Well, then Jay’s training program is for you. It’s unlike anything else because it teaches you to how to invest 100% passively for double-digit returns by getting properties for just the cost of back taxes owed — remotely from anywhere, with any amount of money. Plus, you can repeatedly profit from it — while learning from the best and brightest.

Here’s the thing… Jay now owns 500+ tax yield investments! And he and Phil LOVE teaching their method with others — that’s you!

So, when these guys let us in on their proven, hush-hush-until-now strategies, we pay attention…

Tax Yields is broken down into 3 main video module presentations:

  • Each module is packed with details and actionable info
  • All of the audios and videos are easy to understand (complete with jokes & bloopers!) — and clearly explain everything you need to know about Tax Yields
  • And: enjoy bonus extras like “amplifier training” video sessions, resources, tools, and more

What Do I Get from Tax Yields?

Well, in Tax Yields you’ll discover:

  • See: demos, demos and more demos
  • Opportunity: understanding + embracing this Tax Yields strategy
  • Killer: 3 success murderers 
  • Remote: how you can do this in just about any U.S. market
  • Tax liens: explained and how to profit from them
  • Real Life: buying a tax lien certificate in real-time
  • Level-Up: elevate your REI game like a world-class investor
  • Mindful: get your mindset right
  • 2: specific player types 
  • 3: keys to crushing this training program
  • 4: tax yield investing levels
  • Punch: how this potent resource packs a punch
  • Basics: deeds, liens, certificates, auctions
  • Rules: state vs county
  • Win: faster
  • Fundamentals: similarities & differences, pros & cons 
  • Details: deep dive into 1 specific tax yield investing strategy
  • Setup: principles that set you up to win 
  • Steps: 4 easy-to-follow steps to playing the game
  • $: get paid
  • Pro tips, bonus materials and so much more…

Bottom Line for Tax Yields 

See, Tax Yields gives new and seasoned investors everything needed to earn money from tax-delinquent property opportunities. And, you’ll get Jay and Phil’s expert guidance, tools and walkthrough demos, so you can take action right away. 

So, take a look at this short but detailed video, reviewing this awesome new training program.


Tax Yields by Jay Drexel

Jay Drexel is a deal-maker and innovator. After major struggles — divorce, foreclosure — with less than $100 bucks, Jay did his first Tax Yields deal, then slowly built his business with small deals and leveled up from there.  He loves Tax Yields investing.

No doubt, you’ll see that he and Phil are genius teachers and skilled investors with loads of real-life deal experience… and just all-around good guys with positive outlooks.

And, you’ll hear about Jay’s super rough go in the School of Hard Knocks, which he’s generously sharing with us, so we avoid the same mistakes. Told ya he’s awesome! Jay and Phil are passionate about teaching people their tax yield strategy and helping you through the learning curve in a quick, easy-to-understand way. I highly recommend you embrace this unique asymmetric opportunity.

Jay Drexel

Let me spell it out for you, Jay Drexel and Phil Kessler are the guys you want as coaches and teachers — simply do what they teach, and you’ll be all set!

With Tax Yields training, they break down and demo the whole process, showing you exactly how you can smash this unique asymmetric opportunity.

Because in countless U.S. markets, you can achieve success with their strategy. You’ll be become a tax lien, tax deed, auction and tax-delinquent property master — quickly and easily. 

I strongly encourage you to check it out right now — I’m sure that Tax Yields would be great for you.

Think it’s a good fit for your real estate investing business? Check out the official press release here.


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