Okie dokie, I want to ask you a question…

What if I told you there’s a brilliant new real estate investing training program that details how newer and seasoned investors can focus on and repeatedly profit from target markets, flipping contracts in just about any U.S. market virtually?

Want to know how to do that, right?!

Well, the step-by-step, systematic process is going to accelerate your learning, so you can quickly land your first paper-flipping deal for an awesome payday AND help people along the way — and it all starts with just a 60-second search that can lead to 100s of potential opportunities per ZIP code.

Howdy, Patrick here, to tell you about this incredible new paper-flipping program for new and, yes, even seasoned investors… Paper Flips by Dolmar Cross.

Well, here it is…

This unique training program teaches average investors how to tap into the profitable market of paper flipping. How? By focusing on the extra steps needed to find markets, sellers, and buyers, and flip contracts easily and quickly.

Dolmar’s awesome program is going to accelerate or level up your real estate investing success right away. I’m talking about deals where you never have to buy or sell the property itself.

Paper Flips by Dolmar Cross

Here’s what the Paper Flips training program looks like:

  • A video and audio series of packed informational training modules
  • Tons of useful extras: tools, resources, “amplifier training” bonus sessions, and more
  • Easy-to-follow media that explain the whole flipping process — from finding target markets, finding sellers, scoring deals, analyzing and crafting deals, comps, MLS, 9 ways to fund deals, finding buyers, flipping that contract, and yes, SO much more.

The genius of Paper Flips, Dolmar Cross, is a real estate investing expert! He generously teaches you his paper-flipping process, so you can regularly find, flip and close contract deals… and make terrific money while helping sellers out of unfortunate situations.

Paper Flips is ideal for investors who are ready to press go on their real estate investing and for those who are already in it and want to accelerate their business. You can quickly turn what you find in your 60-second search into deal after deal… quickly cashing sexy checks of $3,000 to $14,000. No license or special qualifications needed!

Paper Flips Goods

Paper Flips does all this and more:

  • Show Me the $: 9 ways to fund your deals, including money from Paper Flips
  • Across the Map: How you can flip papers in countless U.S. states
  • The Goods: Loads of useful best practices, extras, pro tips to becoming a successful foreclosure investor
  • Get Paid: How to quickly get paid and repeat it over and over
  • Mad Men: How to do your marketing
  • Scripts to Steal: Seller and buyer scripts — don’t start from scratch
  • Agents: make friends with Realtors
  • Lending: Different lenders explained
  • Hello: How to talk to sellers and buyers
  • Formulas: Dolmar’s new MAO formula
  • Steps: The exact path to take to find markets, sellers, and buyers
  • Wholesaling: high-level 101
  • Exit: double close vs. assignment
  • Stories: real-life dealmakers’ tales from students
  • And… Tons more valuable info and actionable insight…

Alrighty then…

I want you to think about Paper Flips as your personally guided contract-flipping process tour by REI expert Dolmar Cross!

I think you want to know even more about the Paper Flips training program, right?

So, take a gander at this brief video that shares even more of the awesome. Enjoy.

The Paper Flips Main Point

Dolmar CrossWith Paper Flips, regular real estate investors can bring in great income by flipping paper contracts. It’s all thanks to Dolmar carefully breaking down the paper-flipping process from start to finish with easy-to-understand steps that get results quickly.

In Paper Flips, Dolmar shares proven, time-tested methods for finding deals from target markets — in a genius, systematic way — then flipping the agreements for a quick payday. And he demonstrates everything clearly and simply in the program.

Dolmar Cross + Paper Flips

JP Moses, President REITips with some nice words: Dolmar has been dealmaking for many, many years and teaching students his REI strategies & methods nearly since the beginning.

I firmly believe that he’s one of the most skilled investors out there — a repeat dealmaker and an honest human. Having done thousands of transactions himself, his integrity and resourcefulness lead to his incredibly successful business accomplishments.

Dolmar’s lengthy track record of deals is the only proof you need to know this man is the real thing. He had some mistakes along the way, ok, several mistakes… but he openly talks about them, so you avoid his mess-ups. (Dolmar’s the best!)

When you press play on the Paper Flips training, you’ll see that he LOVES sharing and teaching his paper-flipping, and wholesaling strategies to other investors — because he wants you to enjoy the many rewards from successful REI endeavors.

So, I officially invite you to jump headfirst into this remarkable new paper-flipping training from an innovative coach and mentor.

Dolmar’s training:

  • Shows you how to quickly flip contracts in simple, straightforward, repeatable steps
  • Accelerates your Paper Flips journey with smart best practices, helpful tools, amp sessions and resources

Here’s the Thing: You can begin doing this at this very moment in countless markets in the good ole United States. With Paper Flips, you’ll be ready to smash your target markets, profiting handsomely and helping sellers as you close deal after deal.

Sounds awesome, right?

Well then, have a look at this official press release to see if Paper Flips is right for your real estate investing business. (I’m gonna say it def is!) I truly think you’ll love Dolmar’s approach to foreclosure properties.

Check it out…


— JP

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