Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

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Real Estate Mogul Review: Is Real Estate Investing Really Dead? »


So…the few days have seen quite the hubbub about a controversial new webinar that’s hit the interwebs. Seen all the saucy emails about it? I’ve heard some alarming claims like… “…real estate investing as we know it is dead!” –and– “…investors are in danger of becoming extinct!” So…what do you think? Me? Look, I’m always gonna shoot straight with you. […]

Interview: Flipping Bulk REO Packages »

Editor’s Note: This is a follow-up to the recently posted article How to Cash In On Bulk REO Packages – a guest post by Kenny Rushing.  And based on the lively comments in response, this is clearly a topic of great interest to many.  So let’s continue the discussion, shall we?… I mentioned recently I’d […]

Peeking Behind a “Virtual Wholesaler’s” Curtain… »

So last week in the midst of a brief phone call with my friend and fellow investor-blogger Alex Joungblood, he stopped me in my tracks by coyly mentioning he just signed up 5 tasty, fresh deals — and he did it all from right smack in the middle of his 14-day family vacation in Orlando. […]

Candid Interview With a Non-Guru Land Flipper »

So I’ve been asked if I can provide some insight into Jack Bosch’s Land Profit Generator training material — which is basically an enhanced, more robust version of the Land Profit Formula he originally released about a year ago. The Course – 5 modules that Jack Bosch put together on Flipping Land for Real Estate […]

A Simple, Easy Way to Screen Tenants Online (in 90 Seconds Flat) »

So one of my best, long-time tenants moved out recently. Dang it! Her name was Neechele, and she was a rare gem indeed.  Paid her rent early every month, took great care of the house, and even fixed stuff…on her own from time to time. Seems low interest rates were just a little too enticing […]

Case Study: How 2 Guys Rake In 6 Figures Quick-Flipping Houses in a Stinky Market »

Well folks, it’s time for another episode of Real Estate Investing…Undressed. This time it’s the systematic interrogation of a couple of guys who are currently extracting big profits out of one of the nation’s worst markets. Meet Erik “MLS Sniper” Stark and Steve “REO Shotgun” Mills This was a big, meaty interview, well worth hearing. […]

Systems Guru Brings 4 Hour Work Week, E-Myth to Real Estate Investing »

Hey, you guys gotta check this out… I just wrapped up an interview Friday that, quite frankly, impacted me emotionally. It was raw, guts-level honest, totally unscripted, and focuses on some of my biggest personal weaknesses… Automation, Systemization and Outsourcing…Oh My! By now most of us have probably read Michael Gerber’s The E-Myth and/or Tim […]

Ultimate REI Software Mastermind Gets Third Degree »

You may already be aware the “Ultimate REI System 2.0” software being released today. It’s being described as, “…a software program that helps you do any type of deal in minutes. You can access the software from anywhere in the world, and in 5 minutes you can literally prepare complete short sale packages, REO packages, […]

New Software Promises Ridiculously Awesome Systemization for REI Forms/Paperwork (Video) »

If you get all giddy (like I do) over systems and tools that simplify life and make your work faster and easier, then you’re gonna love this. A friend just forwarded me this video on, “How To Get Unbelievably Low Offers Accepted By Using Justification!” I just finished watching it, and I must say I’m […]

“Dapper Dan’s” New Wholesaling Videos (A Personal Review) »

Can we talk for a second? I’d like to share something with you that I don’t think anyone else has – at least not as far as I can tell. Let me be completely transparent with you… About the “REI Wired” Buzz… If you’re on any of the real estate investing email lists (most of […]