screeningworks_tearsheetSo one of my best, long-time tenants moved out recently.

Dang it!

Her name was Neechele, and she was a rare gem indeed.  Paid her rent early every month, took great care of the house, and even fixed stuff…on her own from time to time.

Seems low interest rates were just a little too enticing and she bought a house and moved on up to the big time.  Great for her…..but “Ouch!” for me.

So I started screening new applicants, but suddenly found the local company I’ve always used for tenant screening went out of business.  So I called up a buddy for a referral and was introduced to ScreeningWorks.com

You Had Me At Hello…

Folks, I’m head over heels here……Ok, maybe a small over statement.  But in my humble opinion, this is EXACTLY what tenant screening should always have been like…

  • Easy as pie online interface
  • Tenant reports a 2nd grader can understand
  • Fairly priced

These guys can get you a background check, credit check and eviction check in less than a minute, in a single, easy to read report….


For me (in TN) cost for the whole shebang out the door was a very reasonable $29.95, but for some states it’s actually less.

I love these guys so much, I called up their VP and requested a short interview just for you guys.  Here it is…


The next day “Andy the VP” emailed me this little in-house video they made…

So Here’s the Bottom Line…

ScreeningWorks is a dream come true for landlords and property managers. They make tenant screening so ridiculously simple, it’s almost fun.

Highly recommended.  If you rent property, bookmark ’em.  Use ’em.  And pay it forward to your fellow landlords.

PS…In case you’re wondering, no, I’m not getting paid anything to post this raving review. Not that it would be a bad thing… 🙂 …but I’m just a happy, new customer and you’re my peeps. Pay it forward!

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