Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

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Review of ‘1 Minute Leads’ Software by Patrick Riddle »

When I say that leads are the very lifeblood of our wholesale real estate operation, it’s no exaggeration. Distressed property leads (i.e. deals) Cash buyer leads (to buy our deals) Co-wholesaler leads (to do JV deals with) Without these things, our business grinds to a screeching, wallet-emptying halt. The more of these we have, the more […]

Easiest Way to Get ‘Boots on the Ground’ for a Remote Deal »

So question: What do you do when you need someone to be your eyes, ears and “boots on the ground” with a deal remotely? Ever been there? I sure have. Well whether you’re a “virtual investor” buying and selling in a whole different market, or maybe just running your real estate operation without leaving the house […]

How to Notarize Documents Online…Kapow! »

Recently I found myself pulling my hair out with an important real estate closing that nearly fell apart entirely. It was thanks in part to the fact that one of our sellers lived out of state (in a multi-heir estate situation) and apparently couldn’t seem locate a stinking notary within 200 miles to help get […]