Okay, I have something pretty remarkable for your today—my personal review of The Vacant House Bank by Cameron Dunlap. (It’s the actual Vacant House Bank that’s the remarkable part, though my review is pretty fantastic too. Just sayin’. )

Hey, JP here, and I had the great experience recently of walking alongside Cam in the creation of his latest and greatest real estate wholesaling training: The Vacant House Bank.

So, I want to share with you what The Vacant House Bank, why it’s awesome and some of the amazing stuff you’ll get out of it.

How does this sound?

A smart but simple step-by-step brand new program that details how to regularly find, fund, flip & profit from vacant houses that are basically “hiding in plain sight” in any target market in the U.S.

Sounds pretty sweet, right?! I thought so. 

I know you’ll be just as stoked about Cam’s awesome new wholesaling training program as I am.

For reals, The Vacant House Bank by Cameron Dunlap is REI ninjery that most other investors aren’t aware of. And it gives you exactly what you need to wholesale vacant houses quickly and painlessly. 


Well, I’m so glad you asked…

What is the Vacant House Bank anyway?

For new and seasoned investors alike, this training program is unique because it teaches you a smart way for finding vacant properties that are off-market. You’ll be able to systematically profit by selling super fast, as-is, to active cash buyers who are already in the marketplace. 

So, Cameron says that he believes vacant houses are the most lucrative, but most overlooked, strategy for investors—because in any market around, you’ll find these distressed properties that are “hiding in plain sight.”

So, the training is broken down into 6 main video presentations:

  • This training program is broken down into a series of info-packed training modules, including tools, resources, bonus “amplifier training” sessions and more.
  • Each module is easily consumable media of videos and audios that carefully explains and shows the complete process—from locating vacant houses, to funding the vacant house deals to wholesaling these “hidden gems” to active cash buyers and making a nice profit each time.

Get this: Cam’s been super successful with this strategy for a good while now. He’s unveiling his method to help you do the same. Such a nice guy, that Cam.

No Cost Transactional Funding

Perhaps one of the best factors of The Vacant House Bank involves the funding—specifically, you can get “free, flash funding” for a Vacant House Bank deal. Yeah, really.

You may know that transactional funding for wholesaling real estate deals comes at a cost—usually starting at 1% to 3% of the amount you borrow. Not so with the Vacant House Bank—members will get access to up to $600,000 in transactional funding for 6 months for 1 vacant house wholesale deal at the cost of nothing. Nada. No cost. “No fee funding.”

What Do I Get from The Vacant House Bank?

So, in The Vacant House Bank, you’ll discover:

  • Mindset of The Vacant House Banker: Getting your brain thinking about how to seize vacant house opportunities that are literally all around you.
  • Vacant = Awesome: Why vacant houses in today’s market are so awesome.
  • The Sellers: The various types of sellers, the correct process for finding them and the tools you need
  • Tips: Cameron Dunlap and a roster of his most successful vacant house students use these “secret” hacks daily in their REI businesses
  • Opportunistic: Vacant house opportunities are everywhere—understand and embrace them.
  • The Owners: How to pre-screen, find and speak with owners of vacant house about their problem property (P.S. we get to solve their problem!)
  • The Funds: 5 solid ways to get funding for vacant houses 
  • $0: Free Flash Funding is yours for a vacant house deal—that’s no cost transactional funding
  • Finders Keepers: All the steps to take to locate vacant houses 
  • Peeps: Finding and recruiting the right people for this process so you can leverage their skills 
  • The Rules: The 7 rules investors must understand about vacant house bank deals
  • Flipping: How to connect vacant house deals with cash buyers super fast
  • $: How to get paid from your vacant house deals asap
  • Vacancies Explained: Lots of reasons why distressed houses become vacant 
  • The Private Seller: Understanding vacant house owners—2 basic types
  • And much more…

Bottom Line for The Vacant House Bank

Well, The Vacant House Bank gives wholesalers all of the critical ingredients you need with expert guidance and many ways to take action today. You’ll be able to level-up your investing game, with laser-focus on a strategy that has very little competition. You’ll quickly learn how to use your very own “Vacant House Bank” to bring in deals and profits in a majorly impacting way.

So, have a look at my short but detailed video, reviewing this awesome new training program. Enjoy. 🙂

Vacant Houses with Cameron Dunlap

The Vacant House Banker, Cameron Dunlap, is a deal-maker. He’s been at this since 1993, and teaching others his super-smart real estate investing strategies and methods since 1995.

This guy is a skilled investor and repeat dealmaker or authentic advocate. He’s not only got real-life experience… but he’s also an innovative thinker with some “down home” relatability and loads of true integrity. His track record of wins speaks for itself, coupled with a nice humble helping of “learn from my mistakes.”

You’ll see that Cam truly loves helping people through the learning curve in a fast, easy-to-understand way. I sure as heck suggest that you embrace this opportunity.

Cameron Dunlap

As far as I’m concerned, Cam Dunlap is the guy you want as a mentor, teacher, and even friend. I highly recommend him and anything he says and does.

With The Vacant House Bank training, Cam explains exactly how to get your profits in hand fast… without a ton of time and effort. The key is honing in on the main tactics and actions an “inch wide & a mile deep.”

And, you’ll get there faster with the extras you get from the Vacant House Bank: resources, tool and best practices you can put into action right now.

Don’t forget the free, flash funding that Cameron’s giving members of the Vacant House Bank—that’s no-fee transactional funding for your 1st Vacant House Bank deal.

Cameron Dunlap: Vacant House Training

Look: In any market, you can achieve success with this strategy—either in your own backyard or virtually. Get ready to dominate and exploit the profitable niche of vacant house deals in your target market—as you bask in the glory of your first vacant house deal paycheck—painlessly and quickly. 

I strongly encourage you to look into it today—I’m pretty sure that The Vacant House Bank would do you some good…

Think it’ll be a good fit for your REI business? Well, check out the official press release about it here.

Enjoy… JP, out!

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