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4 Essential Traits of SUPERinvestors

super investor

“Do I Have What it Takes?” Do you have what it takes to be a SUPERinvestor? What’s that? A Superinvestor? Yep — think about it like this… Super: (adjective) very good; first-rate; excellent; of the highest degree or power So… kind of like a spin on Superman… Do you have what it takes to be […]

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Real Estate Mogul Review: Is Real Estate Investing Really Dead?


So…the few days have seen quite the hubbub about a controversial new webinar that’s hit the interwebs. Seen all the saucy emails about it? I’ve heard some alarming claims like… “…real estate investing as we know it is dead!” –and– “…investors are in danger of becoming extinct!” So…what do you think? Me? Look, I’m always gonna shoot straight with you. […]

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How to Notarize Documents Online…Kapow!

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Recently I found myself pulling my hair out with an important real estate closing that nearly fell apart entirely. It was thanks in part to the fact that one of our sellers lived out of state (in a multi-heir estate situation) and apparently couldn’t seem locate a stinking notary within 200 miles to help get […]

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How a Wholesaling CEO Hires His Crazy Awesome Team

By far one of my most popular podcast episodes recently was my candid conversation with Rob Swanson in Denver. And for good reason: He’s a freakin’ machine… Rob’s a good friend, one of the smartest guys I know and is basically the e-Myth personified. He knows how to build a thriving business that actually runs like […]

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The Art of the Contractor Lien Waiver (free download)

Contractor Lien Waiver

Ah, the contractor lien waiver… Unassuming… Underrated… Undeniably essential… So recently I was chatting with my bud Brian about one of his deals… (You may remember brian from my “Pink Bath, Buyers Out the Wazoo” case study a while back – he’s a short saler, rehabber and darn fine transactional lender.) …and he was sharing with […]

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