Thursday, April 27th, 2017

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Viewer Discretion: Landlord Discovers Crazy, Pizza-Loving, Cat Lady Hoarder Hideout »


This is just too good not to share. Or too bad. Depends on your perspective, I guess. When my long-time friend and local turnkey rental guy Chris Wark finally had to evict a school teacher he’d been renting to for seven years, he had no idea the disturbing mess he’d uncover after she moved out. And trust me, […]

Video: The Haunted House Rehab (and a Double Dog Dare) »

So not too long ago I was engaging in some masterminding, a bit of business building and a heap of tom-foolery in Baltimore with some close friends. And while there I got the chance to go see a bunch of Craig Fuhr’s rehab projects one afternoon. Let me just say… . There’s nothing like spending […]

Jackpot: Pink Baths, Buyers Out the Wazoo (A Case Study) »

Meet Brian… Brian’s a short-sale rehabber from Milwaukee.  As a “fix and flip” guy, Brian gets giddy at the chance to turn a diamond in the rough junker into a bright, shiny showpiece. He does it over and over again, and it turns out he’s gotten pretty darn good at it over the years. And […]

Deal of the Week: How to “Guilt” $40,000 Into Your Pocket »

This is the short story of Scotty’s screaming deal on Barbara, as told by Scotty and KISS Flipper Bob Norton. You’ll hear him briefly describe how after his Realtor recently dropped the ball big time (costing him a screaming deal), he turned it to his advantage, using “the guilt factor” to bring in another one […]

Texas Man “KISS Flips”, Banks $20,000 in 10 Hours (7 min Video Case Study) »

A few short weeks ago I happen to be gallivanting the Dallas, TX area with the red heads (for a friend’s wedding, slash weekend getaway) and happen to catch lunch with one Gary Grubbs. Gary is a KISS Flipping success story who had just that day (right before lunch actually) closed his first ever deal […]

New Case Study: Steve Cook, Nothing Held Back »

Hey, guys – I’m writing this from family mini-vacation in Dallas, but I just got word from my V.A. the replay from our Steve Cook case study video conference is rendered, so you can go ahead and watch the full deal below. And seriously, folks. This was truly an insider’s look at one how one […]

$50,000 Profit From a Textbook KISS Flip (Case Study & Market Update) »

So last week Bob Norton and I got on the horn with KISS Flipper Mark DiPonio and did a case study interview walking through the details of his latest flip deal, coupled with a current-market update from the trenches. It was a solid session and we decided to open up to the whole REI Tips […]

Riddle Me Profits, Batman! (Audio Case Study) »

I recently had the chance for another “deal stories” interview, this time with Patrick Riddle of Charleston, SC. (No, that’s not really him in the picture.  We’re all fans of old-school Batman, right?  I mean, who isn’t?…) Our interview is a case study of two of his deals at 3015 Morningdale and 1972 Teakwood…each with […]

Oklahoma Newbie Flips 2 Short Sales, Scores Nicely (Listen) »

Here’s the latest in my “man on the street” series of interviews. It came about after Cory Boatright told me about one of his Shortsaleology members, Ron Harris. Ron’s a relative new investor from Oklahoma who’d recently flipped a couple of short sales netting him more than enough to completely pay off all his business […]

Jersey Cop’s 1st Deal, Makes $0, Big Success? »

I just knocked out a quick, spur of the moment phone interview with an investor friend of mine named Colleen. Things you might find interesting about this: She’s a Jersey cop who commonly handles evictions.  In fact I interviewed her on her cell phone while on her way to do a set out. This was […]