This is the short story of Scotty’s screaming deal on Barbara, as told by Scotty and KISS Flipper Bob Norton.

You’ll hear him briefly describe how after his Realtor recently dropped the ball big time (costing him a screaming deal), he turned it to his advantage, using “the guilt factor” to bring in another one with a backend of around $40,000 or so.



Key Points:

  • At some point, someone WILL screw up your deal. How you handle this matters, and can either be used for or against you in important (potentially very profitable) ways.
  • Once you find a deal hotbed, get addicted to checking and rechecking the MLS in that area.  It pays incredible dividends.

Coming Soon: The “On Steroids” KISS Flipping Experience…

At the beginning of the audio above, I briefly mention a 2-day event I’m putting together with Bob in Vegas (mid October).  It’s completely, entirely, a thousand percent unique and unlike anything you’ve probably ever been to or heard of…basically a customized, tailor made experience where you watch over his shoulder as he locates and exploits a new opportunity market.

I want to give fair warning that we only have 48 seats and many of them are being reserved right now by our KISS Flipping members (yes, they’re getting first dibs – it’s only fair).

I’ll be putting out more info in the next few days, including making available whatever seats are remining.  If you’re potentially interested and want first crack at any remaining seats, please drop me a quick comment below and let me know.  I’ll be sure and get in touch with you first.

Enjoy the deal of the week!

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