Hey, guys – I’m writing this from family mini-vacation in Dallas, but I just got word from my V.A. the replay from our Steve Cook case study video conference is rendered, so you can go ahead and watch the full deal below.

And seriously, folks. This was truly an insider’s look at one how one of our industry’s most respected voices is engaging today’s market very profitably.

Through sharing, photos and Q&A he walked us through his most recent flip deal, including exactly what he’s doing differently now that’s working so well, and why.

And one unexpected bonus…he was actually closing DURING our video conference. I mean, literally, he put us on hold a couple of times so he could interact with the title company and correct the HUD. 🙂

Points of Interest with this Case Study:

  • This was an unscripted, off-the-cuff walk-through of Steve’s most recent flip deal
  • It was a light rehab sold below market value, with a full price offer in one day, but eventually sold to the eighth offer in under 60 days (yeah, in this market)
  • Estimated profit: $32,000 to $33,000-ish
  • This deal actively demonstrates a number of current-market tactics Steve’s aggressively using to get his houses sold and get paid quickly while others around him are struggling or going under.
  • The closing was literally taking place during this case study (Steve had to get off the phone a couple of times to interact with the title company)
  • We talk about how he acquired and funded the deal (w/no monthly payments) extent of “sprucing” that was necessary and why, staging (which made a HUGE difference) and how/why he liquidated it so fast.
  • This is solid, real-world, practical stuff, folks. Learn and enjoy!

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