Dang Unqualified Tenants!So……you ever felt like screaming at your phone or even ripping fistfuls of hair from your own scalp over the onslaught of ridiculously unqualified people who call when you start advertising a newly vacant rental?

Sheesh, I know I sure have.  It’s weird I know, but I find myself actually wanting to rent the dang house and simultaneously wanting to avoid the stream of prospective tenant calls necessary to do so.  (My mind truly amazes me sometimes — and no, I haven’t hired someone to handle that part for me yet.  BAD me!)

So how’d you like a simple $7 trick to slash the number of calls you get, and thus reclaim scads of precious time (and maybe some hair)? As a follow up to “The Awesomest Way to Murder Roaches (Even the Pregnant Mamas)” I offer you another little nugget of joy from my buddy Chris Wark that promises just that.

This guy’s been actively swimming in the shark tenant infested waters of “buy, fix and hold” for the last 7-ish years, and now manages 65 or so units.  Sure, there are many who’ve been around longer or managed more, but I can tell you Chris is like an stinkin’ Oracle on Property/Tenant Management at this point, and just oozes handy “Gosh, why didn’t I think of that before” kind of stuff every time I’m around him.  Definitely one of my mentors in the local arena.

And before you watch, let’s see how cool you are (in my eyes) with this…

Challenge Question: To which crazy awesome TV show do I briefly pay homage at some point in this video? (Leave it in the comments if you know. 🙂 )

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PS…Does this remind you of a similar tip of your own that’s worth passing along?  Let’s hear ’em!  Bring it!  Leave a comment!

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