Go on, admit it.  That’s just plain “I-just-threw-up-a-little-in-my-mouth” nasty, isn’t it?

So yeah, anyone who’s ever had rental property or rehabbed a house has probably had to try and tackle this one.  And depending on who you ask, answers might range from stinky bombs to overweight exterminators to black magic and voodoo.

So the other day I was catching up with a pal over coffee (we don’t say “pal” often enough anymore, do we?) and he shared with me this little roach murdering gem I’d honestly never heard of before.

Now this guy’s been managing somewhere north of 50 units for the last 7 years or so, so he’s been around the block a few times and as you might imagine has waged roach war a number of ways over the years.  And he promises this tactic is not only cheaper, but beats the pants off any other roach murdering tactic he’s ever employed, including exterminators.

So yeah, public nuisance that I am, I proceeded to whip out Ye Olde Flip Video and captured it for you in about 3:17 minutes of banter.

Word of Caution: The yucky pictures in the middle are his actual results a couple days after we filmed this…bleh!


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Here’s the actual roach killer Chris is recommending in this video tip: Tomcat Roach Glue Traps (The big difference is they have bait in them that really attracts the roaches.)

Please drop him a note here in the blog comments and tell him what you think about this tip…and if you have any thoughts/counter-thoughts about it.  I’ll make him come read them.  🙂

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