Are you so desperate to get a deal done that you might be handling it the wrong way, which leads to setting yourself up for failure?

Not a pretty place to be.

Well, Steven Howell here, and trust me, we’ve all been there.

Maybe you’ve recently quit your J.O.B., finances are tight and there’s so much on the line… so it’s easy to get overwhelmed, doubt yourself and not make the best choices.

But in my video post today, I’m going to give you some examples about the importance of being confident.

Using some real-life situations you’ll likely encounter while investing, I’ll tell you exactly what to say to navigate through those.

It all comes down to being who you are – follow my advice, and you’ll be more effective in your investing business. I know this will be helpful information.

Okay, the ball is in your court. Be yourself – with a confident touch. Lead with value.

Remember, you’re not desperate – quash those fears…

You got this and you can handle it. Believe in yourself. Take action now.

How do you position yourself?

How did you gain the confidence to speak to motivated sellers the right way? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

Steven Howell

He's the owner and CEO of Inner Warrior Consulting LLC, a training and consulting company that helps entrepreneurs build their "inner warrior" and gain the necessary skills to be successful in life and business. He's an accomplished wholesale real estate investor, mentor and coach who teaches business building, mindset, marketing, branding and negotiation to students across the US.

Visit Steve's Youtube channel for more videos like this one.

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