Editor’s Note: This is part 3 in a series of “Competition Killer” video posts that’ll teach you in no uncertain terms how to blow your competition out of the water — SPLOOSH!  These insider tips are compliments of my good friend Shaun McCloskey — a kick-butt short sale guy who’s crushing it right now, closing multiple deals in multiple markets all over the U.S. (at an average per-deal profit of $28,500).  In case you missed them, here’s Competition Killer Part 1 and Part 2 is here. Enjoy!

So look, when dealing with motivated sellers, one crucial element to the success of your deal is ensuring they don’t go “cheating” on you, right?

What I mean is, they gotta understand in no uncertain terms the importance of not working with any other real estate agents, investors, etc, without talking to you first.  You should be their first and only love while you’re together.

But there’s a bit of an art to this, isn’t there?  I mean, you don’t want to make it a personal “thing” that says you’re afraid of a little competition.  And you sure don’t want it to seem like you’re taking a “strong arm” type of approach.

But the simple fact of the matter is this: If I’m truly looking out for the homeowners’ best interest (and I am), then they really need to understand that it’s in everyone’s best interests (not just mine) that they only deal with me and only me from here on out.

In this third video from Shaun McCloskey’s “Competition Killer”, he explains exactly why this is, and how to go about communicating it in an open, friendly and crystal clear way.

You’ll hear a real life story that illustrates perfectly how to do this.  It’s 100% true, and it’s the exact same story he shares on every single appointment he goes on. And better yet, it’s a story you can even have full use of to leverage yourself in your own dealings with sellers.

In other words, please try this at home. 🙂  It’s a powerful way to gain a huge edge over your competition in each and every deal.  Enjoy, and share your thoughts in the comments after you watch…

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