Saturday, May 27th, 2017

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The 545 People Responsible for America’s Woes »

What you’re about to read is common sense at it’s best. It’s mostly penned by Charley Reese, who once wrote for the Orlando Sentinel Star.  I say “mostly” because I believe it’s since been slightly modified to include the references to Iraq and Pelosi instead of Tip O’Neal. My friend Richard just shared it with […]

Feeling Social? Let’s Connect! »

It should be unquestionably clear to anyone who frequents this blog that, in addition to my real estate endeavors, I’m “into” quite a few other things.  Not the least of which is online social media. I don’t know what it is, but something about this whole “Web 2.0 / Social Media” phenomenon really intrigues me, […]

Awesome New Tool Speeds Up Online Videos »

Have you noticed how much content online is turning to video these days? I mean sure, reading text is fine and all – and certainly still the dominant way content is delivered online. But if you’re a “regular” here, then you may have noticed by now…I love me some online video.  In terms of engagement, […]

Adolph Hitler’s Take On The Housing Crash »

I stumbled upon a You Tube clip today worth sharing. It’s someone’s brilliant retooling of a flick about Hitler…but re-imagined as a real estate market speculator facing the reality of today’s market. I gotta say, I’m impressed at the thought someone put into this.  I’d love to hear your thoughts as well…

Halloween Treat: 3 Dead Gurus »

So for Halloween I bring you a special treat… …it’s a candid, covert video I caught on the flip-cam recently at a hush-hush, underground, on the “down low”, private guru mastermind recently. In this particular clip you’ll recognize: Tim “our little immigrant friend” Mai Preston “mr. flagrant” Ely, and Cory “please lemme do your short […]

Top Non-Guru Websites Every Real Estate Investor Should Know About (And Probably Be Using) »

So I was just listing a new property on Postlets again the other day…and thinking to myself,
“Man…how dang cool is this? I mean, what an incredible marketing resource for real estate investors to have access to?”…

Ron Paul: Fight the Future! (Controversial) »

I admit it…I love You Tube. From weird viral videos to personal home movies to controversial politics…you can find it all and more. While perusing some clips related to our current financial , I came across some clips from Senator Ron Paul that grabbed me by the eyelids and wouldn’t let go.  Watch below…and be […]

One Legged Punch in the Stomach (Unreal Video) »

OK, I wasn’t planning on another blog post today.  Frankly I don’t have time for it. But I just ran across something that literally moved me to tears — a short video about an 8 year old kid named Adam. Adam plays one of the toughest positions on the little league field…and he does it […]

Outlandish Real Estate Signs (Hard to Believe) »

Happy Labor Day! So here we are with the family ramping up for an afternoon of flipping houses steaks on the back porch. But before I head that way, I thought I’d pass along a bit of industry wit to anyone who might be in front of their computer today. Disclaimer: These were passed along […]

Free Hugs »

First off, you should know this has exactly nothing at all to do with real estate investing.  Hence the “off topic” category. But ya know, as much as I love the REI game, my life’s big enough for a whole lot more — and I bet yours is too. So here’s something off-topic, but worth […]