{ Rocky and Adrian }A friendly hat tip to marketing guru guy David Frey for tweeting this one today.

Gosh, it can be so easy to get discouraged in this business, ya know?

I sure do.  I know all too well.  Whether it’s the upside-down market, fierce competition, stingy lenders or whatever, sometimes it just seems like everything’s just working against you, trying to stand between you and the success you’re working so fiercely to achieve.

But let me ask you this…

Where are you pointing fingers?

How much responsibility should really be placed elsewhere versus on you?

Please watch this clip from the most recent Rocky installment. Regardless of how you feel about Rocky or Stallone, the power of what he says at minute 2:12 is undeniable.  And if you can relate to what I said above, then this might just be exactly what you need right now…


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