What I’ve got for you here is my personal review of Your First BNB by Brian Page—to touch on what it’s about, why you’ll probably like LOVE it and some of my favorite things about it.

So let me ask you…

What if there was a way to earn solid, consistent short-term rental income—without even owning the property—with basically a few clicks of your mouse or a swipe on your phone?

Would you want in on that?

I bet you would!

Hey, JP here, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be just as excited about this new awesome new real estate investing training program as I am.

I firmly believe that Your First BNB by Brian Page is an incredible time-saving program that can provide consistent income with little risk. 


Well, It’s the perfect step-by-step walkthrough of how to land your first BNB without evening owning any real estate. But, Brian also offers up other strategies for these short-term rentals if you do want to invest with properties you own. 

See, it comes from experienced investor extraordinaire, Brian Page, and his tested and now proven strategy. He’s been successfully using these genius, low-risk strategies for years—it’s an incredible method that I hadn’t even considered before—and he’s totally crushing it out there in the real world! And his hundreds of students are too.

What is Your First BNB?

In the program’s time-saving modules, Brian breaks down Your First BNB training series into easy-to-consume video presentations that show you how to make a solid income with low risk by hosting BNBs. Like I said, Brian’s been doing this for years, and now he’s sharing all of his BNB knowledge in this straightforward training. 

The beauty of his strategy is that after you’ve gone through all the comprehensive training, you can begin taking action on what you learn right away. It’s a simple but effective strategy.

So, the training is broken down into 6 main video presentations:

  • 01: Your First BNB Kickstart
  • 02: Embrace the BNB Opportunity
  • 03: Choose Your Target Market
  • 04: Find Your Ideal Property
  • 05: The Property Owner “Easy Pitch”
  • 06: Cross the Finish Line 

Your First BNB Kickstart is designed to give you a solid foundation, so you can hit the ground running, woohoo! 

In Module 2, Embrace the BNB Opportunity, Brian explains how he got into BNBs, the global industry-changing impact of Airbnb, a high-level orientation of three models he uses for this strategy and how to do this strategy without money or owning property. Plus, you’ll hear real-life success stories.

Choose Your Target Market is Module 3, where Brian walks through how to choose your ideal target market for your first BNB, including tackling the “big 3” market-filtering questions you’ll be asking yourself.

Brace yourself for Module 4, Find Your Ideal Property. You’ll learn every mother-loving thing Brian knows about how to go about finding the ideal property for your first BNB.

In Module 5’s The Property Owner “Easy Pitch”, Brian shares his simple “easy pitch” you can use when talking with owners that doesn’t feel salesy—it’s a simple, straightforward way to offer the property owner a much better deal than they’re already looking at right now.

Finally, with Module 6 you’ll Cross the Finish Line. You’ll learn about which lease paperwork to use, Brian’s addendums, some of his ninja best practices and a few more BNB essentials. 

I’m telling you, this training is packed with incredible actionable info…

Even More Goodies

Within Your First BNB, you’ll discover:

  • BNB, baby: How to get your first stand-alone listing on Airbnb—as quickly and painlessly as possible
  • Watch out: Success killers to avoid
  • Get ‘er Done: How to set up your Airbnb account
  • Origins: Lessons learned in my own BNB story—how it came about and quickly evolved for me.
  • The “Market Disruptor” Effect: How Airbnb’s game-changing, global impact can be a major advantage with your first BNB.
  • 3 Ways to Bank BNB Profits: An orientation to the three different models I (and the people I teach) frequently use to make great money in the BNB arena.
  • Easy Buttons: No $ to start? Don’t even want to buy a property? No problem.
  • Story Time: You’ll hear from 3 regular people (like you) who’ve done very well with each profit model.
  • The “Big 3” Market-Filtering Questions: 
    1—Is this allowed in my market?
    2—Will it work in my market?
    3—Is it even profitable in my market?
  • Mathing: How to use Brian’s amazing invention—BNB Property Profits Calculator
  • IMHO: The 3 easiest places to find your first BNB
  • Online & Offline: A solid stack of other optional methods you can use to find BNB prospects too
  • Due Diligence: Exactly how to analyze properties for profitability
  • Demo: A full walk-through of finding your first BNB on Craigslist
  • BBPs: My own personal best practices and ninja tips & tricks
  • On the Phone: The only goal of your first phone call with the owner
  • In Person: Simple ingredients for the perfect conversation (“low money” & “mo’ money”)
  • Role Playing: Hear exactly what I say and how I say it (starring Brian and Billy Bob)
  • Objections: How to handle the most common ones you’ll hear from sellers. (I’ve heard them all and know how to overcome them)
  • 7 Reasons: Why owners won’t just BNB themselves
  • Leases: Should you use your own or theirs
  • My 2 Docs: The two addendums I use, and why
  • HOA: Do they matter much, or no big deal? You’ll find out
  • BBPs: More of my personal best practices for handling leases and the lease-signing itself.
  • Essentials: What you should definitely bring with you when you go sign the lease (and what to do when you’re there)
  • Keyless Entry: How to get owners to easily understand and let you make the change
  • + tons more…

Intrigued? We thought so. Check out this informative video that shows exactly what this training series can do for you and how you can easily make good money hosting short-term BNB rentals.

Land Your First BNB

With Brian’s training, you have everything you need to land your first Airbnb listing in the next 30 days (or less) without even having to own any real estate. 

When the program is followed just as Brian Page instructs—with some good ole fashioned determination and action—the results will be extremely satisfying. 

From module 1, Your First BNB provides the directions, demos, amp sessions, resources and tools so you can begin earning income from short-terms rentals from just about anywhere in the U.S. 

I recommend that you give it a go today… once you check it out, I know you’ll see that Brian’s BNB strategy is right for you. 

Look, I dig this thing. If you too think might be a good fit for your real estate business right now, then you can check out the official press release about it here.

So that’s it, folks… your first BNB awaits.

Enjoy… JP, out!

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