T oday, Steven Howell has a little inspiration for you… actually, a lot of inspiration. If you want to move from part-time investor to full-time investor… or maybe you already are full time and you want to get more deals done, this video post is for everyone.

Oftentimes in this business, we get caught up in the ‘money, money, money’ spiral.

So, he’s challenging us all to think about REI in a different way – and you may not have thought about it like this before…

He’s empowering us to think about our strengths and where we can improve.

Check out his ideas – which include some real-life and actionable examples. Enjoy…

With Steven’s tangible examples, we hope he’s given you a new way to think about this industry and your investing business.

And if so… we look forward to hearing about all the wonderful opportunities that can come your way.

Here’s to working on your craft.

Share your BIG lessons with us!

Got any hard-learned lessons, falters, or good ‘ol fashioned mistakes to warn others about? Share below! We’ll take the best ones and write about them in a future post.

Steven Howell

He's the owner and CEO of Inner Warrior Consulting LLC, a training and consulting company that helps entrepreneurs build their "inner warrior" and gain the necessary skills to be successful in life and business. He's an accomplished wholesale real estate investor, mentor and coach who teaches business building, mindset, marketing, branding and negotiation to students across the US.

Visit Steve's Youtube channel for more videos like this one.

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