First I should say, hardly anyone even knows about this.

You may remember a few weeks ago when I did an impromptu interview with Jack Bosch of Land Profit Formula.  At the time I was impressed to uncover a real estate investing niche that’s…

  • Refreshingly unique,
  • Unusually low risk,
  • High leverage / high profit,
  • And basically competition-less

Oh, and surprisingly one I’d actually never heard of before.

Then you may also recall that like a big fat turkey, Jack “sold out” of his deal in only a few days, leaving more than a few out in the cold.

Aside: Nice Thanksgiving tie-in, eh?  And yes, it’s a retooled version of the Kramer turkey from Seinfeld 😉

And I just thought some folks might like to know about this.

He also mentions a special webinar he’s doing on how to outsource the whole shebang, which especially piques my interest.

If you missed the Jack Bosch boat last time, then you should take a minute to see what he’s what he’s got cooking.  Personally I think it’s pretty incredible…..and unlike many others, I don’t say that about just anything.

PS UPDATE: After posting this, you may find it interested that a little controversy ensued within the comments below.  Jack himself stopped by and commented more than once just to set the record straight.  Please feel free to chime in with your own thoughts in response…

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