I have something for you.  And honestly, I think you’re going to love it.

It’s about a new work from Andy Proper he’s named the Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint

…and it’s basically an inside-out expose’ on a new “2.0” model for motivated seller leads.

And I have to say, it’s really brilliant.  It’s honestly like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  Ever.

For a narrow window of time, Andy’s giving out complimentary preview copies of the first 2 chapters in full.

  • Cost: $0
  • My Suggestion: DO IT.

Why My Name (Johnpaul Moses) Is On The Course…

(Insert blush and sheepish grin here.)

Well the short story is…this content comes from Andy.  Make no mistake about it.  In fact, he’s been working on it for well over a year.

But in it’s final stages, I also had a hand in “finishing” it out.  So he was gracious enough to put my name on it.

As it turns out, I seem to have a pretty decent hand in the “product development” arena.  I’m a good “finisher”.  So that’s what I helped Andy do.

But you should also know, I DO NOT get a royalty on it.  It’s Andy’s work, he’s selling it for an EXTREMELY FAIR PRICE when it opens, and I don’t want to take ANYTHING away from him on that.


NOT What You’re Probably Thinking…

When you hear “bird dogs” you might be thinking of your mailman or meter reader.  That’s not what this is about.

This is rapid, virtual and large scale. It’s an honest to goodness paint-by-numbers system.

I’m so impressed with it, I even made up a new word to describe it.  🙂

Here’s a quick 2-minute video (complete with 2 beautiful little girls and a straw hat) to tell you about it…

But what Andy does is basically take the “old school” model of having people “bird dog” houses for you, and turns it on it’s ear — into a OUTSOURCED, AUTOMATED SYSTEM that can truly be executed by anyone…anywhere.

Good, good stuff.

Truth is, I don’t want to get all pitchy about it. You’ll be getting a blazillion emails about it I’m sure.

But I think you’ll really like what you see.  Andy is a true and dear friend of mine.  He’s the real deal and someone I trust implicitly.

For the moment it’s still relatively low key, but the masses are sure to start catching on soon enough.

Try Before You Buy (Free Sample)

If you want or need more leads and want to put a system into place to put the process largely on autopilot, then I suggest that you download and read the first 2 chapters of the VBDB for free.  It’ll give you a great idea of what it’s all about and whether or not it’s a good fit for you.

My opinion?  It’s definitely worth checking out.  I wouldn’t waste your time with it otherwise.

Take care,

Click Here for FREE, INSTANT ACCESS to the First 2 Chapers…

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