Before we jump into today’s tip, I want to let the cat out of the bag that in the near future I’ll be co-hosting a unique REI training workshop with fellow wholesaler & REI blogger Alex Joungblood.

I recently crossed paths with Alex and we hit it off nicely. We have similar backgrounds, both in real estate and in “real life” — I think you’ll really like him and enjoy what he has to share.

Our working title is “17 Sneaky Little Wholesaling Tricks”, and you can expect it to:

1) Cost $0 (i.e. it’ll be free)…

2) Probably be on a Saturday afternoon…

3) Go for a couple of hours-ish or so…

4) Be chocked full of good tactics and trickery for anyone who’s into money-getting by way of wholesaling houses

Details are forthcoming so watch for it soon if interested.

So as we were brainstorming it the other day, I flipped on my webcam and asked Alex to reach into his bag of tricks and pull one out we can go ahead and post for you guys.  So that’s just what this is.

This one answers the question of ACCESS…as in, what’s an easy way to get your potential buyers in to see your wholesale deals?  The fact is, it’s not rocket science. But still, a lot of folks just don’t think of this one until it becomes painfully obvious.

So enjoy, please leave a comment below, and watch for details on our upcoming free wholesaling workshop!


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