{ I know which I'd choose! }If you get all giddy (like I do) over systems and tools that simplify life and make your work faster and easier, then you’re gonna love this.

A friend just forwarded me this video on, “How To Get Unbelievably Low Offers Accepted By Using Justification!”

I just finished watching it, and I must say I’m impressed.  OK, honestly it makes me feel all squishy inside.    🙂

Ridiculously Awesome Systemization?

That’s what’s at the core of this I think.

While the video walks through how to create a “Justified Offer Cheat Sheet” to quickly, persuasively make your case to a seller, it’s also a “sneak peek” demo of an as-yet unreleased piece of real estate investing software that promises to make quick, easy work out of the otherwise drudgery of creating and tediously organizing your REI paperwork.

As in, type in your stuff one time, and spit out whatever paperwork (or other output) your heart desires (and deal requires) in a quick snap.

Some tasty morsels I particularly like…

{ video opens in new window }From the video I’m particularly drawn to:

  • Works for a number of different REI transaction types
  • 1 click comps / 1 click mapping
  • Looks easy enough to outsource to a brain-dead assistant
  • Appears simple to use, but entirely customizable

In all fairness I haven’t test driven this software myself yet.  So a personal testimonial I am not.

But I’m really drawn to what I see in this video, so I’m making a point to explore this further with Gerald (the guy behind the software) in the near future.  And I’ll report back afterward.

For now, I definitely suggest checking out Gerald’s video “taste test” and see what you think for yourself.

As always, your comments are welcome.

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