A while back I posted an article about how investors can get access to the MLS without a license.

I was quite surprised, honestly, by how much buzz that post generated at the time. Judging by the extensive and saucy comments, some folks absolutely loved it, while others got their feathers more than a little ruffled.

Today I want to follow up with a little more tasty MLS goodness for investors…but this time we’ll share a recipe on how to make your own batch of Awesome Sauce, using some of the best, locally grown, organic MLS keywords an investor can find.

Recipe for Awesome Sauce

What You Need:

mls access and keywords

(If you’re clever, you will notice the symbolism of bread and butter. Bah- ha- ha!!!)

MLS ACCESS + customization and key words = Awesome Sauce.

We’re looking for properties listed in the MLS that kind of smell like they might be a deal for an investors like us. To do this, we’ll be looking for key ingredients (keywords) in the listing that will give you clues. Please note that your MLS may differ slightly from mine, depending on the platform your local board of Realtors uses. But the principles should be the same.

  1. Open your local MLS.
  2. Go to the search page, where you can input whatever criteria you might need or want.
  3. Enter your basic search criteria for whatever type(s) of deals you’re focusing on (area, price range, beds/baths, etc.)
  4. Make sure you’ve got search fields for listing remarks, like “Public Remarks”, “Realtor Remarks” etc. If not, then you may need to “add more search criteria”.
  5. Make sure that you’ve got the search criteria set to search for “contains (keyword)” and not “equals” or “contains all”.
  6. Input your top MLS investor keywords in the search fields for”Public Remarks” and “Realtor Remarks”. (see ingredients below)
  7. Save this search and setup a automatic daily search to run for you based on these parameters.

I asked a handful of my investor friends to send me their top MLS keywords to search for, then I mashed them up with my own, and here’s the compiled list of what we came up with…

  • probate
  • inheritedbest mls keywords for investors
  • foreclosure
  • short sale
  • preforeclosure
  • estate
  • bring all offers
  • junker
  • must sell
  • investor special
  • special warranty deed
  • quit claim deed
  • heir
  • heirs
  • TLC
  • motivated
  • fixer
  • fixer upper
  • fixer-upper
  • repairs
  • as-is
  • as is
  • relocation
  • rented
  • tenant
  • do not disturb tenant
  • owner will carry
  • owner will carry 2nd
  • owner finance
  • owner will finance
  • personal rep
  • personal representative
  • estate
  • trustee
  • basement issues
  • basement repairs
  • basement problems
  • foundation issues
  • foundation repairs
  • foundation problems
  • structural issues
  • structural repairs
  • structural problems
  • no FHA
  • lease option
  • engineer report
  • price change

Depending on the type of deal you’re focusing on, many of these may not make sense for you to include. Just pick and choose those that do, and keep trying until you get the right results.¬†Awesome sauce takes some practice to perfect, but once you do it is spicy and well worth it!

Serve and Enjoy!

Any thoughts on this? Got any tasty keywords my Alpha team and I missed? Leave a comment below…

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