Check this out…  Did you know that April is National Fair Housing Month?

Neither did I really. And side note, who the heck even decides this stuff, anyway?

Well a colleague (and friend) of mine Jimmy Moncrief just sent me this nifty infographic he whipped up giving you a visual snapshot of the top 10 biggest, most common, fair housing-related mistakes investors tend to make.

Jimmy MoncriefAnd he should know I guess, since he’s a (i) banker, (ii) banking underwriter, (iii) credit officer, and (iv) real estate investor all rolled into one.

Oh, and he’s got some sweet, horn-rimmed glasses.

Oh, and he’s also one of the champions of helping guys and gals like us (fellow investors) discover how to tap into portfolio lenders for deal funding opportunities you probably never even knew still existed…

…Just perfect for that 11th  or 37th rental you’ve got under contract, or maybe the mythical “C.O.R.” Beast you’ve been dreaming of (Cash-Out Refi).

But I digress...  A topic for another time perhaps.

So here, take a quick look at Jimmy’s top 10 and see where you stand. Maybe you’ll learn a little something like I did. I may know how to legally get out of accepting a Section 8 tenant if you don’t want to, but personally I had no earthly idea #2 was a problem, and #8 flat-out blew my ever loving mind…

Fair Housing Mistakes Infographic


Had you ever heard about accommodating a hoarder for their “disease” instead of just evicting them?

Ever run up against the Fair Housing beast before yourself?

Do tell. Talk to me in the comments below.

-JP out.

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