Got two great little video tips for you today I think you’ll love…

Video 1: “How to Become an REO Insider (Bribe)”  [7m:53s]

  • How to zero in on the big REO brokers in your area
  • How to approach them correctly (and how not to do it)
  • And how to basically convince them to be your “bird dog” and give you an early, inside scoop on deals you’re looking for.

Video 2: “Assessing Rehab Costs Quickly in Any Area” [2m:28s]

  • How to quickly estimate average costs to rehab a house in any area
  • Whether a “gut rehab” or a “lipstick and mascara” job

These are both pure content I took myself with my flip at a live event, and each concisely lays out several very specific, actionable tips you can put to use right away.

Would love to hear any comments you may have to share…

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