Go, REI Wired Guy!So there’s some buzz in the REI realm right now about the launch of REI Wired.

The doors opened up today (1/15/09) at Noon EST, and apparently they’re opening for a limited number of “charter members” to beta test the system.

While some people (I won’t call names) are falling over themselves to push you towards it, I have another idea – to actually help you make the right decision…for you.

If you’re considering investing a portion of your hard-earned education budget into this, then feel free to pat yourself on the back for wisely catching this post today first…

(Update: Doors are now closed to new charter members, but should re-open at some point in the near future.)

If you’re super short on time, listen to this…

An Honest, Due Diligence Assessment…

It’s noteworthy that these guys have planted their stake in the ground as…

“The first Internet TV station devoted exclusively to investing in real estate.”

REI Wired ReviewHonestly I can’t say they deserve that title – others have predated them in this arena.

But I will say after chatting privately with Mike Collins about it, I’m intrigued by their creative model and their innovative approach.

It’s basically a 2-part deal:

Part 1: A gaggle of educational media from their last two “No Pitch” REI seminars.  A physical product comprised of like a bajillion hours of pitch-free REI training from a myriad of respectable experts (including a few personal friends of mine) .

Part 2: An ongoing feed of continuing REI education (broadcast mostly by way of internet video)

I have the advantage of having attended one of their “pitch free” events, so I’ll personally vouch for the quality of training in Part 1.  It’s very, very good in my opinion.

Of course the “Internet TV” facet is forthcoming, so I can’t offer much on it, except to say I hope they maintain the same quality standards.  If so, it’ll be a winner.

(Update: Doors are now closed to new charter members, but should re-open at some point in the near future.)

A Private Chat with the Mad Scientist…

{Mad Scientist Mike Collins}Admittedly while they’re in “launch mode” it can be a real challenge to not be either put off or swept up by the onslaught of marketing being pushed at you.  So for those who want to see quickly past the busy-ness of the launch media, I give you an easy alternative…

Here’s a recording of a short, private chat I had with Mike Collins recently.  It’s basically a “Reader’s Digest” look at REI Wired…

  • What it really is
  • What it’s NOT, and
  • Who it’s ideally suited for.

Press "play" to listen...

Is REI Wired right for you?

I strongly suggest you wisely invest a few short minutes into this before you make a buying decision. Consider it an essential part of your “due diligence”.  You owe it to yourself to size it up properly first.

If REI Wired seems like a good match for you, charter memberships are available here…

(Update: Doors are now closed to new charter members, but should re-open at some point.)

PS…Your comments are welcome below.

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