Crazy REI Power Links GuyIsn’t it crazy how there’s seemingly just no end to the amount of info you can find on the interwebs today?

I mean, even our own tiny little corner of the real estate investing net, it’s like an ever-daunting, ever-expanding ocean of endless information.

There’s so much great stuff out there – and more all the time – the real problem isn’t lack of info and resources, but more how to find it all and keep it all organized so it’s useful to you and not just another time-sucker – or just another handy link, quickly misplaced in the “lost and found drawer” of your computer.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could just do us all the favor of compiling a big, fat list of juicy REI resources …say…567 or so …and then handed it all to us on a nice silver platter?

And maybe for…say……FREE?


Meet REI Power Links…

It’s the brainchild of my Hawaiian friend and birddog-savvy investor Andy Proper.  And quite simply, it rocks.

Here’s my 7 minute review that gives you the full scoop in a nutshell, including how it’s organized and “the catch”…


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But the bottom line is, it’s completely free and you NEED to have it in your tool chest. Seriously. Just go get it. It’s yours, no strings attached.




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