There’s a nifty little contest going on RIGHT NOW called “Battle of the REI Blogs” …and I’m in the running!

My buddy Patrick invited me to duke it out among the top 11 real estate investing bloggers on the interwebs (what an honor!).  And the ultimate victor will be whoever’s blog is #1 in the eyes of our readers based solely on votes.

Patrick’s also dangling some killer prizes to bribe…eh…entice the winning blogger. And here’s where the contest gets really cool FOR YOU

The winning blogger (ahem…hopefully yours truly 🙂 ) gets to award 5 of their voters (could be YOU) a FREE Private Money Blueprint Home Study System (Valued at $697 a piece)!

In other words, if I win, I’ll have 5 full-blown private money courses (very well done, I can attest) to flat out give away to 5 lucky subscribers (maybe…you?)

Click Here to Go Vote for REI Tips Please!
Click here to go vote for REI Tips!

I’ll make no bones about it: I want to win! But to win … I need lot’s of votes 🙂  AND ESPECIALLY YOUR VOTE!

The main contest page is over on Patrick’s blog.  When you get there, you’ll see the profiles of each participating blogger.  Admittedly I’m up against some other pretty good REI bloggers, and a few of them have MUCH larger subscriber bases than I do.  So I need your vote please!

The “carrot” is that it could mean a FREE step by step detailed system that shows you exactly how to get your hands on the cash needed to thrive in today’s market. The Private Money Blueprint Home Study System is the real deal (I’ve checked it out for myself) … and it could be yours FREE simply by voting!

But the bottom line is this: I’m pretty darn passionate about giving honest-to-goodness value on this here blog.  So if I’ve succeeded in any way in your eyes, then your honest vote on behalf on REItips.com would be a true honor.

Please Go Vote for REI Tips!

Thanks in advance!

PS…Yes, please cast your vote for REItips.com in this here fancy blog battle thingy!  I want to win!

Oh, and my daughter has a message for you…


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