Here’s another great piece I pulled from the Saturday Workshop Sessions.

If you participated in these workshops with me, then you’ll probably remember my candid conversation with subject-to guy William Tingle.

This segment is a real eye opener with him in which he answers off the cuff…

  • In a snapshot of your business right now, specifically what marketing are you doing, who are you targeting, what’s working, and why?
  • How much are you spending each month for marketing? And how much per deal?
  • How would you contrast that to what you did in your first year as an investor?
  • How realistic might a similar approach be for a newer investor?
  • For a newbie, what are your top ideas for most effective marketing to focus on with a shoestring budget?

Honestly I forgot I even asked him these questions, until I re-listened to the whole workshop myself recently.

And getting a glimpse inside what this guy’s really doing to make it happen is darn near priceless. It’s not mythical, magical or miraculous.  It just works.  Well.


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