The following is my personal review of the Property Scout Pipeline for you, to hand you “in a nutshell” what it’s all about, who it’s ideally suited for, and my favorite things about it.

Let me ask you…

Need Deals?

I know, dumb question—anyone active in the real estate game is hungry for more, solid property deals. Which means (of course) keeping the deals pipeline flowing, feeding quality distressed property leads into your business as often as possible.

But let me ask you this:

What if you could help good property leads find you – anywhere in the U.S. – in just 1 simple step, and without sinking a dime of your hard-earned money into expensive marketing efforts?

It’s true—there is a way. I’m not just pulling your leg.

It’s a remarkable bird dog tool called the Property Scout Pipeline, and I think it may just stand to revolutionize the way you find and manage your property leads moving forward.

So what is a property scout? First let’s answer…

What the heck is a “Bird Dog”?

is this a bird dog?No, not this kind 🙂  

It’s a longtime real estate investing term that refers to someone who spends their time trying to locate distressed property leads for an active real estate investor like you.

It’s really a powerful concept when done well. I’ve enjoyed a number of high quality deals being handed to me from eager “bird dogs” over the years.

I remember years ago, after starting and growing our local REIA to a healthy size successfully, I was hit with the sober realization that the majority of my deals (for the whole year) had come to me, one way or another, from newbie investors (i.e. “bird dogs”) who brought them to me to see if I could make a deal out of them.

So it’s an outdmoded term for a really underrated concept: Having others spoon-feed you property deals for your real estate endeavors.

This mastermind behind this inventive deal-getting system is a cool guy I’ve actually personally known for years, Dolmar Cross. And what he’s doing now is…

…spinning this whole idea from the hunting world into the real estate (bird dog=property scout)

…and adding some really potent tools and elegant automation—basically a turn-key system that’s all about helping you find, train and manage your own “street team” of property scouts.

It can take a lot of time and energy to train & manage a team of bird dogs/property scouts. I mean, you can kind of let it happen passively over time, like I did over the years… or you can create your own system for finding, training and managing them in a more structured, intentional way.

Fortunately for you, Dolmar’s already done the heavy lifting for you—and the Property Scout Pipeline basically hands it all to you on a silver platter. Just turn the key and start driving it.

A Little Back-Story

dolmar cross

Like many of us, Dolmar is a guy who struggled, at first, to get his investing business off the ground. But, thanks to some fierce determination, raw persistence, and a savvy mentor’s friendly guidance and help, he eventually starting making it happen.

But the money went right to his head; he started splurging… snazzy luxury cars, taking friends on lavish trips. He thought he was on top of the world and could do no wrong. Unfortunately that’s when it usually all hits the fan—which is exactly what happened to Dolmar.

When the market crashed in ’08 Dolmar lost everything (literally – everything; he had to file for bankruptcy). Discouraged, he met with an investor who gave him some powerful insight, basically kicked his butt back into dusting himself off and getting right back to it – for the sake of his kids – to teach them that when things get hard, we don’t just quit. We fight on.

So with this powerful, new mindset and very little money left, Dolmar found himself with a sincere need to get good property leads without spending any money. Thus sparked the inspiration for the Property Scout Pipeline.

What is the Property Scout Pipeline?

To put it as simply as possible, this ingenious system starts by helping you  post a proven-yet-simple online ad (free), and then begin hearing (typically in under 24-hrs) from people who sincerely want to start bringing you property leads that match your buying criteria.

Seriously, it’s just a 1-step process – a “hidden” way you can start systematically tapping into a local Property Scouts who are eager to work for you.

Here’s a peek at my back-office area:

Property Scout Pipeline back office

Property Scout Pipeline trains, manages and tracks your Property Scouts for you and does so much more. Plus, the whole process is paint-by-numbers and nearly automated. With this, you don’t have to be a marketing expert, and you can spend the majority of your valuable time closing deals instead.

A consistent way to get quality property leads means the difference between a thriving real estate investing business and a struggling one.

In my view, what Dolmar’s crafted here is a truly unique, turn-key dashboard that not only helps you you massive amounts of no-cost leads from your own local “street team” of property scouts, but trains and manages them for you too. Boom. 🙂

The Bells and Whistles

The Property Scout Pipeline system even has different features at varying prices so you get exactly what you need for your business. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Property Scout Recruiting Resources

These are “swipe & deploy” resources you can use to recruit new Property Scouts in any market. So basically sample Craigslist and other social media ads for no-risk real estate property scout jobs. You can either use them as-is, or as a starting point for crafting your own scout-getting goodies.

Scout Lead Generation Resources

These are some solid marketing resources your Property Scout can use to start bringing you property leads. Things like marketing flyers, absentee postcards, investor letters, door hangers, etc. And you can edit or customize these resources to your heart’s desire.

Your Own Property Scout-Getting Website

This comes baked right into your Property Scout program setup. A time-tested, proven website that not only explains the property scout job description to your potential scouts, but completely automates their sign-up and training for you.

Property Scout Pipeline website

Your Property Scout Blueprint

This will hold you hand and train you on the entire Property Scout Pipeline process. This blueprint walks you through the entire Property Scout system, including recruiting, training, & management from A to Z. No stone unturned.

property scout training manualYour Property Scout Training Manual

This step-by-step guide will show your Property Scouts how to spend their time and money to generate tons of property leads for you, using the library of marketing templates…

…from placing bandit signs, hanging flyers, distributing business cards, running print ads, driving neighborhoods looking for vacant properties, using car magnets, and even sending direct mail on their own dime to get deals for you.

See what I mean? And there’s lots more than this, which are just the highlights for me.

Bottom line, I dig this thing. If you too think might be a good fit for your real estate biz right now, then you can check out the official press release about it here.

That’s it — later, guys!


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