Probate Court JudgeBy: Ron Mead

When it comes to the probate real estate investing arena, I get messages constantly from all around from folks who need a little help or advice.

(I actually offer free email support for 30 days to anyone who invests in any of my Probate products.  99 times out of 100 I’m able to respond to your emailed questions within 24 hours. And some even get a 1/2 hour phone consultation…)

So recently I got an email from my buddy Chris in Texas who posed an excellent question – one I have a feeling others are probably often thinking.

So here’s my version of Chris’ question in a nut shell…

“Hey, Ronbo…..got any other tips for me as to how I can better market my new service?  I put one deal together really quickly so I now I really want to get after it.”

So here’s my answer to the Texas Tornado…..and you too!

1. Create a flyer telling what you do.  Using software on your computer, The Darling Bride uses Microsoft Publisher for ours and she can knock one out in under an hour.  Post on any bulletin boards you can find.

2. Join your local Real Estate investment club and attend their meetings (usually once per month).  Hand out your flyer or business cards telling your story. You’ve got a topic everyone is intrigued to talk about.

3. Create a 15 minute speech about what you do.  All service organizations are always looking for freebie speakers.

4. Visit funeral homes and educate funeral directors as to what you do.  Offer $500 “bird dog” fee.

5. Talk to ministers who conduct funeral services.

6. Record all obituaries and take recorded names to courthouse to look up Probate files by the names you have.

7. Contact local “AM TV Morning Show” to appear as guest.  They are always looking for “unusual” topics to talk about.

8. Talk radio is also looking for unusual topics.  Contact producer to arrange to be on air for 15″.

9. Write short article about what you do and submit to small newspapers in your area. Often times they will send reporter to interview you and will write their own article about your and your business.

10. Visit all weekend estate sales and tell your story.

11. Put an “insert” (your flyer) in your local newspaper.

So there’s a quick eleven ideas off the top of my head. Some I’ve used myself, some I just thought up.

The one thing to remember is you are offering an extremely valuable service that most folks don’t even know about…

So you’ve got to…

“See the People, Tell your Story”

I know I have said this before but it’s so important, I’m going to say it again…

You’ve got to be continually marketing your services!

I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard the response,

“Where were you when my folks died?  I could have sold my house to you and saved me tons of time and work”

So always be telling your story. You just never know who needs your services.

Enjoy your week!  Be Happy, Take Chances, Live Life Fully!

Ron Mead
The Probate Guy

A Fox Squirrels Guide to Getting Unstuck in Your Real Estate EndeavorsAbout Ron Mead

Ron Mead is a “regular guy” real estate investor from Oregon, with a particular focus in the very lucrative probate real estate niche. Ron also teaches others how to make money in Probate Real Estate through his blueprint, “31 Days to Profits in Probate Real Estate” — which costs about the same as a couple of pizzas, leaves no stone unturned, and includes everything necessary to get you started immediately.

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