I’m completely swamped right now – gotta run out to the Memphis board of Realtors for some real estate license junk.


Before I run out, I just wanted to let you know about something  really exceptional.  Something I wholeheartedly and passionately endorse…


I’m not going to be long winded about this.  But let me say…

If getting private deal funding is a missing link in your real estate business, then you should really consider going to this event in early October.

It’s put on by Matt Scott, who’s been a friend of mine for many years — a friendship that began in 2001 when I started posting on his forum at Dealmakers Cafe.

Here’s a shot of Matt and my lovely wife and daughter (Kara and Alyssa) when we were together in 2003…

And for the record, he did NOT ask me to writ this, or say nice things about him.  😀

Anyways, this is NOT your typical dog and pony show.  There’s a lot of good and a lot of bad education out there.  This one is absolutely among the best of the best.

So if being effective at getting private money for your deals is an important issue for you right now, my personal advice is to Ignore the rest of what’s out there, and be at this event.

I’ve seen what Matt does.  Nothing else compares.  He’s on a very, very short list of national experts I trust implicitly, and know with complete confidence that ANYTHING he’s a part of is exceptional in quality and content.

You guys know I don’t promote every Tom, Dick and Harry, even though I could make a lot if I did.  I respect you enough to only ever recommend something if I’d recommend it to my own mother in good conscience.

Not only is Matt a dear personal friend, but he’s a real investor with real expertise in this arena, he holds NOTHING back and always over delivers.

Look, I’m not putting a lot of time into writing this – just speaking from the heart, frankly.  If you need to understand the fastest, most effective way to attract private funding for your deals, then this is the event not to miss.

His early bird deal expires soon, which is a nice discount to miss out on.  So check it out and if it’s within your education budget, be there.



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