Hi, folks.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of weeks, then you probably know Preston Ely’s re-releasing his Probate course this Wednesday 8/14 at Noon.

Now I’ve had a couple of folks email me asking for my honest opinion.

What’s interesting about this is that I have a rather unique perspective on this, because what most people don’t realize is that…

I actually played a part in making it.

I won’t go into all the details here – feel free to watch the short video clip to the right.  I recorded it a few weeks ago for Preston.

It’s a short bit while we were on vacation, sharing my part in the whole thing. And you get to see my two cutie red heads!  (See video to right)

But let’s just say when you listen to the audios, I’m the other voice you hear.  🙂

Having said that, I actually have a copy of this course – and I see Preston’s added a few nifty bells and whistles.

FYI, it’ll probably sell out Wednesday sometime.

When he re-opens the doors, I believe he’ll have another few hundred (somewhere under a thousand) of them available.  The first batch sold out in 5-ish hours, so if you’re interested you might want to get on the early notification list thingy.

Also, since I have the original audios on my laptop, I went ahead and placed some sample audios below.  These are actual excerpts from the course, to give you a little better idea of what it’s like.

So for what it’s worth, here’s my quick, personal review…

Probates by Preston: The Good

  • It’s a solid course, with solid education.
  • The audios “rock” in my opinion 🙂 and should be consumed first
  • It’s not boring (think “dialogue” rather than “monologue”)
  • In addition to the course audio and manual, you get some other cool stuff, like Preston’s super duper marketing letter, some candid Q&A, etc.
  • It’s notably devoid of stuff you don’t need.
  • It’s very reasonably priced at just under $300 (much less than most others out there)

Probates by Preston: The Bad

  • Personally I think the manual should have been proof read a little better.  The education’s solid, and covers what you need it to.  But frankly there are some grammer mistakes I noticed.  Not a deal killer for most – but I’m kind of an English nerd and anal about such things.
  • I also wish the manual had been in a 3 ring binder rather than spiral bound.  But I guess the spiral bound is a little cheaper to produce and fits on a shelf easier.

Probates by Preston: The Bottom Line

The fact is, doing probate deals isn’t rocket science.  I’ve done a number of them myself, using a similar model to Preston’s.

But as with anything, there’s always a learning curve, so why not take short cuts whenever you have the chance?

This course is a solid short cut to a great profit center. If you’re interested in learning how to profit from probate deals, then I’m very comfortable recommending it.

Yes, there are other courses out there, and I honestly I’ve seen a few of them, but not all.  But I know this one’s good for the money.

Stuff to help you figure it out…

When I go to Costco, I lovess me some free samples.  Often I’ll buy stuff only after I’ve had a taste test or three.

So in the spirit of Costco, you’ll find a handful of sample clips from the course audio below

Probates By Preston: Doors Open Wed. 8/13 at Noon…

Preston’s Story Why Probate? Are You A Bottom Feeder?
Getting Leads, Pt 1> Getting Leads, Pt 2

Networking With Attorneys

“The Letter”

Probates By Preston: Doors Open Wed. 8/13 at Noon…

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